Cat Breeds List That Most Popular Cat In The World

The Most Popular Cat In The World, Makes Cat Lover To Choose Them As Pet

Who doesn’t like a cat? Maybe view persons don’t care about it but almost all people love cats as a pet. Many cat breeds adopt as a pet such as Domestic cats, Persian, Angora, or even wild cat breeds such as the bobcat, Sphinx, and the Maine Coon, and hundred cat breeds that are most popular around the world.

We mention the cat’s breeds list were the most popular cat in the world adopted as a favorite pet by a cat lover, may you are interested or have one of them as your pet in this cat list below:

#Himalayan Cat


Persia himalayan cat

Himalayan cat

Himalayan or Persian Himalayan cat recognized in Europe in 1950, known as the Colorpoint Persian. It has unique eyes and the beauty of its beautiful fur the cat adopt fee reaches 1.000 – 1.500 US dollars that a fantastic.

Its have a fat size, flat nose with short legs so that made it’s difficult to jump. However, Himalayan has two breeds species based on their face shape, the Himalayan Doll Face and Himalayan Ultra-Face. The Dollface has a slightly flat face. The Ultra-face has a flat face.

The Himalayan has long hair with a color point on the ears, face, legs, and tail, with the tabby pattern, lynx, and tortie. The colors are classified, seal point, Blue Point, lilac point, red/flame point, cream point, and chocolate point.

Himalayan has a quiet calm, intelligent and active also a good interaction with its owner, though. This cat is an excellent choice for a pet if you like the cat with intelligence and do not intend to move. Read more about Himalayan cat-quick information.

#Peterbald Cat

Peterbald cat

Peterbald cat Image credit

Peterbald is a newcomer cat breed who was first recognized in 1994 in St. Petersburg, Russia by Olga S. Mironova. Its gen mixed between Oriental Short Hair female world champion dan Donskoy.

Peterbald had a bit similar to Oriental Shorthair, as more their genetic relegated to Peterbald. They are genetic hairless so that they call with bald. The Peterbald was born with thin fur, so, it will lose hair over time. Read more Peterbald quick information.

Peterbald is a hairless cat so that you don’t have to worry about leaving hair on your couches or any spot in your home like a sphinx cat it needs more regular treatments such as having to be more bathing.

It has an energic cat that is smart it is always curious about anything that appears. Peterbald is also has a slim with a bit muscular. If you want to find a cat that tends easy friends with others and is loyal to the owners, Peterbald may be an excellent choice.

Its adoption fee is also high than other cats because I think Peterbald is an exotic cat its adoption fee reaches 1,000 – 5,000 US dollars.

#American Ringtail Cat

American ringtail cat

American ringtail cat

The cat from breeding experimental results was discovered by Susan Marley in 1998 in the United States. When it’s a month old, she found its tail that like ring-shaped and almost bends its body.

Susan takes it to the veterinarian, there is no problem with the cat all well look comfortable and keeps the tail as a ring bent it a body even it is playing.

It’s a special characteristic cat that is a ringtail. The cat is also very nice cats to be a pet they love to play, not need a tough Grooming a much, they have no natural genetic issue that makes it easy to care.

The cat typically is lively and loves to walk. So, make sure to have a free access room for it.

#Maine Coon Cat

Maine coon

Maine coon, Image Credit

Maine Coons is the most popular cat in the world, the large size cats with long hair. They are from a breeding cat that has no identified where the gene comes from. It likes relating to Marie Antoinette cat and longhaired fisherman cats who bring a severe cat to New England Port, the United States. Maine Coons has existed since the 19th century.

Maine Coons is a large-sized cat weighing up to 17 – 19 pounds plus. The ‘gentle giants’ are good natural hunters they are also easy to train. Maine Coons are also very vocal, like to play, and can join with other pets.

They are cat breeds with a slow process to be and a senior cat so that needs 3 years for Maine Coon to be a senior cat. Watch the video for more information about Maine Coon cat breeds. Read more Maine Coon quick information.

Maine Coon

#American Shorthair Cat

American shorthair cat

American shorthair cat Image Credit

When European people first time came to America, they are carried the worker’s cat as natural pest control to catch rats in their house or store.

They came to Plymouth in 1620 the cat adapts to a new environment and breeding with other cats in the US. Now, the cat is in control of standard breeding.

This cat is most popular in the US which has a long lifespan of 18 to 20 years. The cat has short hair with a hair variation pattern color up to 80 subspecies.

The American Shorthair cat is easy to treatment as a pet with healthy endurance without any problems with also it’s easy to hair grooming, which makes them one of the most beloved cat breeds.

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It is a tolerant cat with good social interaction besides humans. American Shorthair cat fact is they have the familiar name as working cats that describe to helps humans catch rats and other pests.


#Turkish Van Cat

Turkish Van is the oldest domestic cat in the world. It is a cat from the Lake Van area in Turkey. The cat came to the US in 1982 and was recognized in 1985. Their history as the rat hunter in Noah’s Ark. A sign behind its necks, it is symbolized as a “God Hand” which means manifest blessing.

The Turkish Van has a beautiful and athletic-looking it has soft hair with the color result by genetic “van gene” which a brown spot on the top head and its tail.

Turkish Van cat is an athletic cat, smart and independent cat. They are only close to one or two pet owners who did often interact with them.

Although it looks adorable, they like to have their own space with destructive behavior it’s like to play and a little bit loves dropping some stuff and curious to touching objects.

They are love water and like to swim that a fact about Turkish van cats. Read more It’s Quick Information.

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#Turkish van cat swimming video

#Aegean cat

aegean cat

Aegean cat

The Aegean cat is a species from Greece that recognition in 1990 as a domestic cat. They were growing breeds without humans interfering. The name Aegean is from the Aegean Sea.

The Aegean distinctive is shorthair with muscular they like a domestic cat. Now, they can be found in many towns in Greece. Aegean cat is still rere in other countries.

The Aegean cat is one of the oldest species of cats that grow naturally without mixing with other genetic or breeds. Their gen still pure until now in Greece.

If you are in grease, you can easily fund them on the road and most of them can survive independently by hunting or living on the road. They can hunt by themselves they also have good interaction with humans to get some meal.

#Balinese Cat

Balinese almost similar to Siamese cats the difference is the hair of the Balinese cat is longer than Siamese. Balinese are not just known whether they are from natural breeding or mixed Siamese cats with Longhaired cats.

Well, Named Balinese cat reason to describing of the Balinese dancers exotic that mean they are not from Bali endemic cats.

Balinese cat has a small body, weighs just 7-13 pounds. The main distinction is like a Siamese cat with a black pattern on its face and has long hair.

Balinese is an ideal pet cat for people who are sensitive to an animal. They don’t produce too many cats that trigger allergies like other cat species.

They are also had loud noise and little bit vocal cats so that they often meowing to talk something.

Read more details about Balinese cat information.

#Balinese cat Video:

#Bengal Cat

Bengal cat

Bengal cat. Image Credit

A most beloved cat for exotic pet lovers Bengal cat has a special pattern like a wild cloud cat or leopard cat. However, Bengal was a breed of mixed Asian leopard cats with domestic cats.

The distinctive makes a pet lover interested is its hair pattern looks like a leopard, it has an athletic body little bit looks muscular. Its classifications big cats size with 9-17 pounds weight.


Bengal cats can be a little bit challenging in cat care and treatment when beginning you adopt them. They are extremely active cats so that they can be as destructive as playing.

Bengal cat breeds have won at eight places in the best 25 top winning cat nominations in 2019 by TICA.


Bengal cat

Bengal cat

They need vertical spots to climb such as trees. A good idea about giving friends like a cat or dog. Social interaction is an important thing for this species of cat.

They are also smart cats so that they are often doing something to get some awareness of their owners. So. So lucky if you have a Bengal cat as your pet you are never feeling alone. Read more details about Bengal cat information.

Bengal cat video:

#Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cat.

Abyssinian cat. Image  Credit

The cat was popularized in 1871 by winning third place at the Crystal Palace Cat Show. The Abyssinian cat is a short-haired domestic cat, named Abyssinia Town, Ethiopia.

Originally they were from Ethiopia, While the study found it was from Egypt because it was one of the Pharaoh cat’s families.

The Abyssinian cat’s characteristic is thin hair, wide ears, the cat is also the smartest. Abyssinian cat is most active, likes to play, and is easy to train to do some tricks. So, you can take them to a road with a rope-like dog.

The Abyssinian cat is a good pet if you want to adopt them as a pet in your home that is a good choice. They will be so friendly and like to play so much.

It’s often a colorful cat with a clear beating coat, medium size and royal in appearance; lithe, hard, and strong, showing loving activity and interests that live in their environment. Read Abyssinian Cat Quick Information.

#Russian Blue Cat


russian blue cat

Russian blue cat Image credit: caster

The Russian Blue may be a distinctively elegant cat of foreign body type with an angular, changed wedge-shaped head consisting of seven flat planes.

The slightly upturned corners of the mouth provide a sweet smiling facial expression. Its greatest characteristic is its double coat: Short, silklike, and honorable. Medium blue color with silver tipping of the guard hairs, the coat reflects light, giving a silvery radiance to the fur.

Silver-tipped guard hairs ought to contrast against solid blue ground color once the hair is stroked against the grain. The coat is a good bright blue throughout, with deeper tipping preferred creating the cat seem lighter in color.

Ghost tabby markings are permissible on kittens. The nose animal skin is charcoal gray; paw pads rose flesh pink. The eyes are as vividly inexperienced as doable at maturity.

Russian Blue kitten eyes amendment rapidly through yellow to inexperienced. By 4 months, an inexperienced ring ought to seem around the pupil.

Cats whose eyes are not fully vivid inexperienced ought to be penalized, the number determined by the amount and vividness of green still as by the age of the cat. No inexperienced in eyes—full penalty.

Russian Blues are mild and keep, with soft, sweet voices. Read more details about the Russian Blue cat.

#Cornish Rex Cat

Cornish rex cat

Cornish rex cat

The ‘ magical ‘ cat was bred in the United Kingdom in the 1950s, was mixed gen with Shorthaired Tortoiseshell with a domestic cat. When the cat gives birth there is one kitten with weird-looking with large and folded ear, tend small-headed, a bit have spotted at the body has a little bit muscular that is a Cornish Rex cat.

They’ve good social interaction with its owner like to playing very actively and have intelligence also like to walking surrounding.

Quick Information about Cornish Rex cat

Quick Information about Cornish Rex cat

Quick Information about Cornish Rex cat

#Birman Cat

Birman Cat

Birman Cat Image Credit

Birman cat is France’s species cat, it has blue eyes with unique distinctive with a special pattern on its face almost close to Siamese and Balinese just differences on its eyes and a little bit the color shade on its body with the dominant color in feet, ears, and tail.

The cat has a loud sound, it is also a bit calm behavior but has friendly behavior with its owner it also wishes to follow the owner everywhere. As usual cat instinct, Birman cat is also a curious cat its likes to explore the whole room in your house so that you have to be careful don’t let it go out of your house.

Birman Cat Video

#American Curl Cat

American curl cat

American curl cat

Joe and Grace Ruga found a wild cat with rolled-up ears in 1981 in California. The cat gives birth to four male kittens two of them have rolled ears so that the cat breeds growing until now with ears rolled up distinctive.

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The cat distinctive is just being unique rolled up ears their hair is short and long hair cat, it also has a friendly cat with good social interaction cat and friends with babies.

Its likes to greeting with an owner by giving some sign like a wipes head on your leg. Don’t let them alone at home they are typical with easy an anxiety cat. Read Quick Description About American Curl

#Bombay Cat

The Bombay cat looks like the Black Panther. But it has no related breeds to the big cat. It was a shorthair cat and a black Burmese cat mixed gen. Its behavior is like finding some warm place in your room so that you have let to share your bed cover with your pet. It usually loves to hide in your bed cover. Read more about Bombay cat-quick Information.

Bombay cat video


Bombay cat distinctive-looking like a small panther looks wild but has a small size that makes its cute cat. Its size is average with a bit muscular. It’s also a smart cat its can be trained to do something like a cat trick and has good social interaction with its owner. The cat has a lifespan of up to 20 years.

#American Bobtail Cat

American bobtail cat

American bobtail cat

American Bobtail is genetic mutation experiments in the late 1960s, John and Brenda Sanders adopted a short-tailed cat then mixed breeding it with a domestic female cat. The result is they have kittens with short-tailed dominance. Next, the cat was born almost all of them with Bobtail.

The Bobtail cat has bony hair with a different pattern. American Bobtail is a family cat, so they are fun as pets tend to a friend with others. It is also an independent cat that can survive in any environment. Read Quick Information about American bobtail.

#Burmese Cat

Burmese cat

Burmese cat Image Credit

Burmese is a cat breed from Thailand and Burmese was known since the 1930s. They have two species both are traditionally British and American modernism.

Traditional British distinctive has slim body size tend to longer with oval eyes. Americans modern with a distinctive size a bit fat and flat nose with smoothed eyes.

This cat has a glossy and smoothy shorthair. It is active and loves to play. If you want to have a cat as a pet this species is an excellent choice.

The cat is babies friendly, who sometimes likes to hold a cattail and play with it like a doll. It is also loyal to its owners to have good social interaction with a human. So make sure he shouldn’t be left alone for too long without interaction. Read Burmese cat-quick information here.

#Burmilla Cat

Burmilla cat was the result of accidental gen breeds Burmese cat with Persian Chinchilla cat. It was first bred in 1981 which was recognized in 1987.

Burmilla cat distinguishing color tends to vanish gradation that depends on the species. It can be short hair or dense hair due to mixed gen shorthaired between longhaired cats. The Burmilla cats tend to be independent also curious looks their surroundings.

The cat is not active enough but has the interest to play. If you decide to keep it as a pet in your home make sure you give it some free space to walk or climb outside. Make it feel free in your home so that they love to belong to yours.

#Munchkin Cat



Munchkin is a new cat species recognized by TICA in 1995. Breeding mixed domestic with a short-foot cat. At the beginning of the year 1991. There was controversy about Munchkin were they diagnosed with having backbone problems. But after an X-Ray test, they have no problem but the vet claim they have a high risk of the backbone problem.

Munchkin has a unique posture with low size with short like almost like a mink. Like many pets, the Munchkin is a popular cat for a cat lover with a cute face and unique appearance.

#California Spangled Cat

California Spangled Cat

California Spangled Cat

This exotic-looking cat without wild genetic. They are breeds mixed gen with subspecies genes, such as Abyssinian, American Shorthair, and British Shorthair.

It was known in the 1980s, were limited numbers, were only 58 California Spangled Cats. The cat is rare species about 200 species exist in the world.

California Spangled Cat is like a Bengal cat that is closely related to leopard. Although it is wild-looking, it is classified as a domestic cat and familiar with US people who adopt California Spangled as a pet. It has a love of playing, is curious, hyperactive, loves hunting, and is loyal to its owner.

#Chartreux cat

Chartreux cat

Chartreux cat

Chartreux cat from France known in 1930. The popular story is the Chartusian priest makes it’s as a pet as a rats hunter so that to keep the church clean from rats. Chartreux popular since it’s traveled to the United States in the 1970s.

It has thin gray hair but so dense, with yellow eyes makes Chartreux cat so adorable. It has a loyal instinct to the owner which loves to follow its owner, matches a dog, and will love to follow its owner.

It’s nice to adopt them if you like to have a cat with a close relationship because the Chartreux cat loves to be touched more by its owner.

Chartreux cat video

#Cheetoh Cat

The tiny Cheetah cat is a new species of cat that is still in the experimental process, first known in 2003 by a breeding Bengal cat and Ocicat Cat mixed inherited.

Cheetoh has a distinguishing that is like Cheetah, which is a black spot pattern entire its body. With a slightly pointed head with small eyes, long ears tend out, and a bit short tail.

Although looking a little bit wild, Cheetoh is more friendly than the Bengal cat who is the genetic ancestor. It also can be trained to easily walk outside.

#Savannah Cat

Savannah cat has a distinctive with large muscular size with weighing reach 20 pounds. Savannah has a pattern like a leopard that color was recognized by TICA.

Though having a wild face, the Savannah cat has a good family cat reputation with energetic instinct, active, curious. Don’t hold your hand to give them toys and more space to play. They are intelligent cats with social interactions well.

The Savannah cat was bred mixed with an African Wild cat (Serval cat) with a female domestic cat in 1968. It is the first generation is called Savannah with wild looking cat distinctive Savannah still a new cat species that was recognized by TICA in 2012.

#Siamese cat

Siamese cat

Siamese cat Image Credit.

Siamese cat as its cited name originated from Thailand and has been known for centuries lives in Thailand. From Siam people, the cat is most familiar since a long time ago and has many manuscripts about the cat.

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In the 19th late century recognized by west people was the Siamese performed at the Cat show Crystal Palace London.

Siamese has white-colored hair, with a black shade on its body edges, such as hands, feet, face, and tail. They have intelligence which is a bit vocal and like to join with your activities at home. It is also active and likes to play and have high social interaction.

#Siberian Forest cat

Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat Image Credit

The Siberian Forest cat has a large size reach 18 pounds weight with a thick coat. The Siberian cat is a master of hunts and jumps in the wild.

It’s a bit friendly and fortunately, they are hypoallergenic cats with release small allergens so you can safer to make them as a pet if you have any problem with cat allergies.

It’s also known by several names such as Neva Masquerade, Moscow Semilonghair, and Siberia. Siberian is a natural cat species that has been 1,000 years live in the world.

The Siberian cat is an extremely cold forest cat so that it has longhair and solid that make it comfortable in cold temperatures.

#Sphynx Cat

Sphynx cat

Sphynx cat

Sphynx is originated in Toronto, Canada. They are found in 1966 by an accidental genetic breeding experiment. They are weird-looking with almost no hair entire body. It just has thin hair.

Sphynx is a hairless cat so that it releases heat more easily and it’s like to be touched and close to the owner. Sphynx is an extrovert cat with high intelligence. So, make sure you will involving when are doing something at your home they like to be playing and often show up to get your attention.

Give them a good and warm enough temperature in your home to make it’s comfortable and regularly bathe it.

#Toyger Cat

Toyger cat

Toyger cat

Toyger cat species look like a small tiger so that it is named Toyger. They were the mixed breeding gen a Bengal cat with a domestic cat in the 1980s by experiment result by Judy Sugden.

Toyger means is tiger toy. Even look wild they are a friendly cat that your cat makes them the best choice for your pet. Even look wild they are a friendly cat that your cat makes them the best choice for your pet. They love to be always close to you so don’t leave it alone in your home cause they can make trouble on your property.

#Turkish Angora Cat

Turkish Angora Cat

Turkish Angora Cat

Angora is manifest to Ankara Turkish name that town formerly called Angora. It was the first longhair cat species that came to Europe known they were brought by Vikings. It has been known for centuries and has been recognized as a cat association.

Angora is a white longhair cat. They are intelligent cats, active, they were familiar pet in the pet owner know they were breeding mixed with huge species spread around the world and being the most popular pet in cat lover.

#Arabian Mau

Arabian mau cat

Arabian Mau Cat

Arabian Mau is lives in the Arabian Peninsula for more than 1,000 years, now it is lives around the streets in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and United Emirates Arab.

You will find them when you travel to the middle east country. Although it was the oldest cat recently, this species of cat is familiar to pet lovers.

As a desert cat, Arabian Mau has adapted to high temperatures it is a natural hunter life that is adapted to a desert environment.

#Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian forest cat

Norwegian forest cat

The Norwegian Forest cat is native Norwegian. The cat survives in extremely cold temperatures that make them with longhair.

The Norwegian Forest has almost close related to Maine Coon and Siberian cat with long hair and a bit large than usual size. But, Maine Coon still the largest species cat in the world Norwegian, also has shortened hair than Maine Coon. It is a little bit introverted cat with independent lives and has intelligent interaction with the owners.

It is a little bit calm and just meowing asking for a meal. They love to play also one of the active cats. As usual cat behavior, it has territorial where usually the male will guard their territory from the other male cats.

#Persian Cat

Persian cat

Persian cat Image Credit TICA

I am bold enough to say that Persian cat breeds are the most popular cat in the world they have too many offspring mixed that result in dozen other cat breeds such as Minuet cat, Himalayan longhair, ragdoll, Selkirk Rex, etc. The Persian cat as it is named they come from Persia (Iran). In 1620 they were imported to Italy by Pietro Della Valle. Now, Persian cat has spread around the world with many descents their mixed genes breeds.

white Persian cat

White Persian cat

The Persian cat distinguishing is long, long hair, short legs, wide heads with ears separated far enough. Persian has a bit large size. Persian is an active cat when it was a kitten but calm enough when an adult so that they are not moving much may the reason many cat lovers love to be a Persian cat as their cat. Therefore, the Persian cat also has an introvert with a newcomer. Read Details About Persian cat.

#Manx Cat

Manx cat

Manx cat
Image Credit

The Manx cat is an Isle of Man Island originate cat species within natural genetic breeds were having short tails almost has no tail. It is known as an originated pet by the fisherman in the Isle of Man. Manx has been there since the 1800s when shown on cat circus with a new claim and publication in 1903.

The Manx cat is distinctive in it has almost no tail looking too short-tailed, common short hair pattern. It’s with long-haired is sometimes a categorized Cymric cat. A Manx cat has a good relationship with its owner so that they are always close to the owner and also a little bit introverted to the newcomer. Read more quick information about Manx cat.

manx cat quick info

Manx cat-quick info

A Manx cat was a symbol of the Isle of man even it is natural pests control but now they come to as favorite pets.

Manx Cat Video

#Devon Rex Cat

Devon rex cat

Devon rex cat

The Devon Rex cat from genetic mutation breeds like its cousin, Cornish Rex. Devon Rex and Cornish Rex both have no relation to genetics. It’s named as where place it was found Devonshire, Buckfastleigh, England. Read more devon rex quick information here.

Devon Rex has folded a bit with slack skin it also doesn’t have mustaches. Its ears were also lower close to its head. It’s a smart cat and likes playing so that the cat adds to Cat Breeds List That Most Popular.

devon rex cat

devon rex cat image

Devon rex cat video 

#Minuet Cat

Minuet cat

Minuet cat. Image Credit TICA

Minuet or Napoleon cat is breeding mixed gene Munchkin between Persian. They are a newly bred cat which has a long and short foot cat. Almost, close to the munchkin but they have a flat face which a flat nose like a Persian.

Napoleon cat has a bit longhair and short leg both combined from their parent’s gen Persian and munchkin. Their active cat too and friendly to the feet it can run fast. Read more about Minuet quick information.



Chausie cat Image Credit

The Chausie cat is from breeding sources like Bengal and Savannah cats. It mixes gen breeding between a wild cat and a domestic cat. Chausie was categorized in a domestic cat as un-hybrid. Therefore, from wild generation bred Chausie has had a domestic characteristic.

Chausie cat is from a wild cat where they bred with shorthair domestic cat. It was venerated by the early Egyptians and many mummified relics have been found in different tombs of the pharaohs.

Chausie taxonomy is slender with long legs, a lean and short coat. Read quick information about the Chausie cat.

There is a views cat list that is most popular for cat lovers to keep them invited to their family as a pet. If you have any information or additional things about cats don’t hesitate to leave comments to share with us about your experience.