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Balinese Quick Information

Balinese cat
Balinese cat

Balinese Quick information

Balinese Description
Competitive Registration/ QualificationTICA, FIFe, CFA, ACFA/CAA, GCCF, CCA-AFC, ACF
CoatMedium length soft, fine, silky texture, lacking the fluffy undercoat seen in most long-haired varieties.
ColorSeal, lilac, chocolate, blue, cream, red
PatternColorpoint, tortoiseshell, tabby
Body SizeMedium
PhysicalTraditional Balinese Cats: Broad, apple-shaped head, heavy bones, sturdy built; Modern Balinese Cats: Much elegant in appearance with a long, tubular body, slender bones, wedge-shaped head, tapering muzzle, long-sized, broad, pointed ears, and a plumed tail
Eyesalmond shaped eyes of a sapphire-blue color.
Lifespan9 to 15 years
WeightMale: 12 to 16 pounds
Female: 8 to 12 pounds
TemperamentFriendly, sociable, inquisitive, vocal, intelligent and playful
Lap CatNo
VocalizationLoud even meowing excessively at night
Good with Children Yes
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