13 Large Cat Breeds That Most Popular Adopted As Exclusive Pet

Almost all people love cats with cute appearance, with lithe size and look the beautiful lady in our home as a pet. That just somebody has a wish their pet looks small is cute and pretty.

Nowadays having a large cat is a trend with cat lover. Some breeds have large size naturally than domestic cat average in our house. We have listing thirteen large cat breeds that look beautiful and exclusive as a pet.

Here is 13 the large size cat breeds list in the world

# 13. Egyptian Mau

Large Cat Breeds

Egyptian Mau


Egyptians Mau has long history exist since ancient Egypt Pharaoh around 4000 years BC, the evident Egyptians Mau was found in many artwork artifacts. Ancient Egyptians believe they as goodness manifest to Ra.

TICA classified their characteristic is with marking mascara, green eyes, and elegance, the behavior like a bit introvert, tend loyal breed with little bit wild like domestic cat rare close with human or natural worried, has loud noises.

Size: Medium in size, males and females usually weigh between 8 and 12 pounds.

Large Cat Breeds

Egyptian Mau credit

How to Care? It has short coats that mean they low maintenance needs with sensitive with cold temperature, so keeping them inside your house.

# 12. Burmese

large cat breeds

Burmese cats

Burmese for the early name as Wong Mau it travels to the U.S. in 1930 then breeding mixed gene with Siamese cat report by Purina.  Their behavior is known as the most friendly cat with loyal to the owner and has good social interaction and baby-friendly cat. It is almost close to Siamese behavior.

Size average medium with it weigh reach 8 to 12 pounds. Read more for quick information.

How to Care? It cat lover may you do not leave they’re alone, better you have other cat breeds for it to play or just to hangout.

# 11 Persian

Persian cat

Persian cat

Persian knew from ancient Mesopotamia (Persy or Iran), Persian first travels to Europe in the 1600s. Then they became a favorite cat by Queen Victoria.

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The cat has an exclusive treat and an independent cat so that it has selective about a relationship with a person. It a bit relax and calm cat active when it was a kitten, tend calm when senior.

Size: Medium to large. Males weigh 9-14 pounds and females 7-11 pounds. Read more Persian quick information.

How to Care? They are shed a lot but needs grooming regularly to prevent fur piles in your room. Baths monthly to keep their skin healthy. The Persian has a flat face that they look cute and many cat lovers love it to be a pet.

# 10. British Shorthair

large cat breeds

British shorthair

British Shorthair is the tenth large cat domination rank with size reach 12 to 20 pounds for males and female size reach 8 to 14 pounds.

You’ll love to have one this cat with it’s friendly and it is loyal to you. it also easies to care, their coat needs to comb about 2 or 3 times a week.

The cat loves to beside you a long time, Its wish all day to be around you.

# 9. Turkish Van

large cat breeds

Turkish van

Turkish Van at ninth position large cat breeds with size reaches 12 to 16 pounds for males and female size 12 to 14 pounds. If you want to cat with highly intelligent and good social interaction. Its the right choice for you can invite them to your bed and sleep with.

The cat is playful cat until when they are senior. They love to tough toys. The cat love and perfect leave in the house just not bring them outside because they like to urinate on something smell new to mark it territorial, like at a new arrival car.

The cat also has a unique behavior. Turkish Van is not water-afraid, it loves to swim and bathes in the pool so that you need to provide a pond for it.

# 8. The Birman

large cat breeds

Birman cat

Birman has size a bit large then Burmese cat it size for male 10 to 15 pounds and 6 to 10 pounds female. The Birman behavior quite calm with less active with a silky coat and less shed that suit for you if you want to cat with little moving. It loves to be around you all day and more friendly.

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The cat is intelligent and loves playing toys and likes to explore the environment. Good social interaction and baby-friendly.

# 7. Siberian

large cat breeds

Siberian forest

The Siberian forest has size 11 to 16 pounds for males and female size 8 to 11 pounds, have a Siberian cat is so lucky beside beautiful and large size it also so good interaction with its owner. It will follow you and always be beside you in your house it perfect friend pet.

Its likes to play with water because originally it the snow forest cat with extreme cold. They also love play even looking strange but it so kind and loyal to you as owner. It has a dense coat to prevent it from the cold temperature.

# 6. Bengal

large cat breeds

Bengal cats

Bengal is large exotic cat breeds with 10 to 15 pounds male and8 to 12 pounds female. It has a beautiful coat and short-hair and a unique pattern like a leopard.

It has highly active and intelligent. This breed cat has confident, talkative and a friendly with less hairball. Bengal loves to play a trick and can to invite to outdoor with rope.

# 5. American Bobtail

large cat breeds

American bobtail

American Bobtail is a unique cat breed with a distinctively wild appearance. It has a shortened tail as a result of natural genetic mutation, the tail ranges in length from 1 to 4 inches. It size for male about 12 to 16 pounds and 7 to 11 pounds female weigh.

The cat loves playing toy and can train to do some trick it has good social interaction and friendly with baby also accept other pet like a dog or other cat breed. Read more American Bobtail quick information.

# 4. Norwegian Forest

large cat breeds

Norwegian forest

Norwegian forest cat size 12 to 16.5 pounds for male and 7.7 to 8.8 pounds for a female, they have a strong, muscular, and good relationship.

It sweet looking and love to interact with its owner it little bit has personal and privacy cat behavior. Giving them to a private room and personally make it happier.

They love to hide, run, and toys. This breed has easy for falloff hair. So, daily grooming is highly recommended to make your home clean and it safe and healthy.

# 3. Ragamuffin

large cat breeds

Ragamuffin cat

This cat got third large cat breeds its male size reaches 15 to 20 pounds and 10 to 15 pounds female size. It has had long hair and soft. It is a typically friendly cat to baby and likes to learn tricks, play fetch and walking outdoor.

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They need to have more care and aware of you so that make sure you always to invite him to talk with. They have a lifespan of 10 to 18 years! It so long enough and you have steady with senior cat care.

Ragamuffins behavior little bit calm and also accept for a friend like others such as dogs, other breeds and lizards if you have reptilian as a pet.

# 2. The Ragdoll

large cat breeds

Ragdoll cat

I love this one cat it seconds large cat breeds in the world, It sizes 12 to 20 pounds for a male and 8 to 15 pounds in females. It very loyal to the owner and always be the best partner in your house.

It will be waiting and be greeting you behind the door when you come to a home that so glad and happier every day.

Ragdolls lifespan reaches to 15 years or more. This cat-like appearance with a laid back that looks so cute and loves playing every day and friendly cat. It also easy to training like to litter box and do some trick.

# 1. Maine Coon

large cat breeds

Maine coon

Maine Coon is most popular number one large rank cat nowadays with several lifestyles it can adapt with any condition, its size reaches 15 to 25 pounds for a male and 8 to 12 pounds for a female that so big like a dog size. It is friendly cat love to be always beside its owner and follow where the owner walking in the house.


If you want to make the large size as a pet make sure you have more money to spend to them because it needs more care and eat much so that you have safe the wallet for it. They also need wide space for play and walking around suit with large size because they also active cat breeds even large size.

Remember that caring for a large domestic cat is a lifetime commitment is not easy. You can have large cat breeds if you have time to spend with them all day. Don’t make them stress with less care from you as an owner. Make sure they have a happy life with you.