Black Male Cat Playing With Stone Crab Below Bridge

Black Male Cat
Black Male Cat and Crab

Black Male Cat Playing With Stone Crab

Cat is curious animal behaviour about move thing even it crab. The black male cat filming on it was play with stone crab.

The crab move to close almost touch the cat and the cat look like ignore it on the moment but on view second later when the crab move runs the cat reflect to chase crab. The crab defence position ready to fight cat back.

On that time the black male cat not serious to be crab for it prey may he not hungry enough on that moment just want to play with crab. View moment later the crab jump to water soon to safe it live before the cat hungry.

I try to touch it with stick the crab always ready to defence it self.

#Here is the video male black cat playing with stone crab.

After playing with crab the cat just ask me for feed and I went to take some dry fish to give for the black cat. Unbelievable the black cat wan’t to eat the dry fish that make sense may the dry fish is not good smell enough.
The male black cat life there in under bridge may the fish is the common food for him that why he want some different. The crab also not for his food just to playing for fun.
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