100 Ordinary Domestic Cats Identifications in Village

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Domestics Cats Identification

Domestic Cat Identification
Domestic Cat Identification
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Hello, today I release some projects about finding out 100 domestics cat lives in the village. The project process runs to find out, filming and editing the video to numbering and posting on YouTube channel.

First, I plan to find about 100 domestic cats. On the project way, it hard effort as much could be.  I just found about 35 domestics cats that not include domestic cats in the neighbor home,  just capture the cats where there are in a public place like the park and road.

The video you can watch on YouTube that I was posted. Many cats in the video are male cats. I think the male cat usually goes out for mating and usually sleep on the day at the park. The male cats I found in a different place as we know the male cats are the alone character and have a territorial area.

The project idea appears on my mind. I saw the domestic cats around growth fast people’s bring them to the village. Make them abandoned cats and lives in the park and find food on the trash box. The Domestic cat can’t a problem to people at all they are a gift for our environment and habit the cats can be a junk decay from food trash from us.

Identification Domestic Cats Video

Domestic Cat Breeds

These Five years domestic cat’s growing fast in the village that forecast growth about 300 t0 700 domestic cat breeds per year on the village that trigger by building a new campus on these areas. The new building that makes more people to the village that makes cats come too for looking for food and lives here.

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The cats are not a pest that is just lives like their habitat and breeding twice a year. A single breeds usual give birth kittens about 3 to 6 baby kittens that so huge number when hundreds of adult cat on mate and ready to breeds.

The domestic cat is the felidae family. Domestic cat scientific have mix gens combine the several species cat includes feral cats, angora, and etc. Many people kept them as a pet, breeding in their home and giving a cute name like their own children.

The cat growth into a tens scale. usually, give to neighbors although many cats release at the road. The owner cat wouldn’t claim the cat is their own.

Domestic Cat Habitat

Domestic cat habitat is anywhere when people built the building and live there the domestics cat usual come too. The domestic cat’s life in people community they are looking for food from people. The main domestic cat’s food sources are from people that why domestic cats can’t far from the human environment.

The domestic cat’s lifespan is they are can live for years if the food resources enough in that area domestic cat can live to 2 to 16 years in the wild. But if some unusual conditions, a critical condition such as a predator and diseases epidemic could attack healthy makes them short lives decreasing the number of cats. The diseases were usually vulnerable for baby cats.

Cat Give Birth Six Kittens 

We Adopted Abandoned Kittens Video:

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