Peterbald Cat-Quick Information

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Peterbald Cat-Quick Information and Description

peterbald image
Peterbald image
Peterbald Quick Information 
ColorAll colors or markings
Coat Bald, flock, brushy, velour, straight
Coat PatternAny type including bicolor
Group of BreedDomestic
Lifespan (Life Expectancy)Around 12 years
WeightMales: 8-10 lbs
Females: 6-8 lbs
Height (Size)Medium-sized
Lap CatYes
Personality TraitsAffectionate, playful, peaceful, intelligent
SheddingNo or Little
Vocalization (Noise)Loud
Good with childrenYes
Country of OriginRussia
Competitive Registration/Qualification InformationTICA, ACFA/CAA
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