Turkish Van Quick Description

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Turkish van

Turkish Van Quick Description/Information

Turkish Van Quick Description 
CoatSemi-long, Single, Silky, Soft, Glossy, Water repellent
Colors/PatternsA white body with dark color patches on its head, tail and sometimes even between its shoulder blades. The tail may have a characteristic ‘ringed’ pattern, marked with calico, tabby, black, gray, red, orange, silver, blue, caramel, or lilac
Physical DescriptionBroad shoulders, short neck, heavy at the top, long stature, muscular built, slightly long hind legs, large paws
Eye ColorBlue, amber, odd-eyed (heterochromia’)
Lifespan15-16 years average
WeightMale: 9 to 18 pounds
Female: 6.5 to 18 pounds
HeightMale: 14 to 18 inches
Female: 13 to 17 inches
CharacteristicsAthletic, intelligent, loyal, playful
Lap CatNo
Good with ChildrenYes, (children 10+ Old)
Litter Size2-5 cats
Attention SeekerYes
Countries of Origin Turkey, UK
Competitive RegistrationTICA, CFA, FIFe, AACE, ACF, ACFA/CAA, GCCF
Breed Standards
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