Maine Coon Quick Information

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Maine Coon Quick Information and Description

Maine coon
Maine coon
Maine Coon Quick Information 
Coat typeDouble layered coat which is smooth, silky
ColorSolid colors: Black, red, white
Bi-colors: Red and white, blue and white
ColorTabby: Brown is the most common, other tabby patterns also increase
Eye colorGold, green, copper, greenish-gold; blue or even odd eyes for white Maine Coon
PatternTabby, calico, bi-color, tortoiseshell
Body TypeLarge
Physical AppearanceSolid, sturdy, muscular, rectangular-shaped body; rugged appearance; shaggy coat; broad chest; furry ears which are wide at its base and tapered to a point; big, expressive eyes, long bushy tail
Average lifespan/ live expectationApproximately 12.5 years
Size10 to 16 inches
WeighMales: 13-18 lb. Females: 8-12 lb
Litter size 4 - 6
Behavioral Characteristics Intelligent, easily trainable, sociable, gentle
Lap CatNo
VocalizationSoft chirping or trilling noise
Good with Children Yes
CountryMaine, North America
Competitive Registration/ QualificationCFA, TICA, ACF, FIFe, ACFA/CAA
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