13 Cats Videos Catching Birds on Field

Cats Videos Catching Birds on Field

On this part I share a video about cats that looks so cute and funny even though has been born as a pet but it still has a great hunting instinct Cats Videos Catching Birds on Field.
An evident in the video uploaded on Youtube a few days ago where the cat recorded video catching birds in different places. Actually 13 part video cats catching birds in different places captured by amateur cameraman.
Seen successful cats catching pigeons and other small birds such as sparrows when it playing in the field.

I love both even cats or birds but we can’t stop the nature life that chain of food in the wild. The animal kingdom the strong is the king and the weak is become the meals.
Cats also become to prey by big cats such as tiger, lion, leopard and so on. The bird also become to predator such has grasshopper, ants, dragon fly and so on. So, the animal life have unique and different each other species.
We as human to protect them is our responsibility to do not threat them just get their own to find out their life in the wild. Like the cat even we take them into our family. But in other side the wild life absolutely they need and just get them freedom on their life.

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I love cats and birds, both animals is great and beautiful to say. Do not interrupt them and don’t to catch them. Just happy to see them every morning walk and fly around us.

Thanks for coming and here is the cats mating video

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