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The Most Common Cats In Japan Became As Popular Business Icon

The Most Common Japan Cat Business Background

Hello and welcome to Japanology plus with Peter Barragan. He is a cat cafe in Tokyo which as the name implies is the sort of place where you come for a cup of something and to spend time watching and or frolicking with cats. Cat cafes are apparently becoming quite popular now. He explains there are something like 300 of them all over Japan.

Japan cat cafe
People enjoy at Japan cat cafe in Tokyo

Indeed, cats have recently become the most popular pets in the country too on this part we will discuss the reasons for japan’s current cat fever cats have been popular pets in japan for centuries. Many of the cats found in japan’s back alleys and parks share specific characteristics those features include rounded faces, strong noses, and short fur.

White black and tabby varieties are all common cat-like calico cats with white black and orange fur that have long been admired in japan where they are more common than in other parts of the world a feature that once set many Japanese cats apart was a very short or bent tail.

In the 20th century, these short-tailed cats became sought after in the united states they are now considered a distinct breed called the Japanese bob tale. In 2017 the number of pet cats in japan overtook the number of pet dogs there are now about 10 million of them cat cafes have harnessed that popularity to become a familiar part of Japanese life.

Japan Cat Cafe Business Background Expand To Japan Cat Hotel

japan cat cafe
A cat waits for a visitor at the Japan cat cafe

Visitors can feed, photograph, and play with the cats which roam freely. In 2005 japan had only three of these cat cafes. Now, there are around 300 each one offers a slightly different experience. Japan even has rental apartments that are designed specifically with cat owners in mind.

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There are platforms that cats can climb up to and built-in cat flaps to enable them to go outside. Cat exercise machines and self-cleaning litter trays are among the new products that are constantly appearing each year cat-related products and services generate economic activity worth over 2 trillion yen.

There is even a cat celebrity industry this is Suzume an authentic star her owner posts cute pictures of Suzume on social media attracting comments from all over the world she’s so beautiful what a gorgeous cat look at her mouth and nose with hundreds of thousands of followers Suzume gets more attention than any other cat in japan showbiz even represents her.

Japan cat cafe
costumers enjoy with cats at a cat cafe in Japan

Agency Suzumi has been featured on stationery and in her own photo collections offers of work keep rolling in. In japan. Cats are more than just pets. They’re the epitome of cuteness and their popularity shows no signs of waning your mind.

Nekojima The Cat Island of Japan

Zoologist Imaizumi tataki said his various activities include the study of the Idiomoteka a critically endangered animal found only on a remote Japanese island when it comes to cats he’s one of japan’s leading authorities now was a little surprised quite honestly to hear that cats are as popular as they are in Japan right now.

Recently, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of cat owners. There’s been a real social shift there’s even an island known as Nekojima which literally means cat island there are large numbers of young men and women who started visiting the island to see the cats that live there.

It took local people by surprise the taxis that take people from the train station to the coast used to have barely any customers but recently business has been booming and it’s all thanks to the cats.

What do you think is responsible for this sudden popularity of cats well they’re easier to take care of than dogs you don’t have to walk them every day you can also leave a cat alone at home.

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For a while. That independence makes things simpler for the owner in japan small houses are widespread people have limited space that sort of environment is absolutely fine for a cat it becomes their own little world. They don’t need lots of space to exercise when you consider the social and cultural context cats are very good.