Most Popular Cat In Japan By Cat Lover Votes Rank

Cats are the most popular cat breeds in Japan. You can even find some cafes that offer several treatments for your cats. Also, the pet insurance company in Japan, Anicom, was surveyed to find out the 10 most popular cat breeds in Japan. This survey was conducted on 10,000 Anicom respondents.

10. Japanese Bobtail (328 votes, 3,2%)

Most popular cat in japan

bobtail cat

Japanese Bobtail cat is a domestic cat breed that has more like a rabbit tail than other cats. Their origin in Japan and southeast Asia now can be found all over the world.

9. Persian (Chinchilla) (343 votes, 3,4%)

Most popular cat in japan

Persian cat

Persia is a cat breed with a long-haired cat characterized by a round face and a snub nose. Recognized as a luxury cat since the 19th century, the Persia cat breed was first developed in England and was bred by American cat lovers after the Second World War.

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8. Maine Coon (385 votes, 3,8%)

Most popular cat in japan

Maine coon cat

The Maine Coons, also known as American Longhair, is A domestic cat with a distinctive physical appearance and amazing hunting skills. It is one of the oldest native breeds in North America, particularly in the state of Maine.

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7. Rag-doll (451 votes, 4,5%)

Most popular cat in japan

ragdoll cat

Ragdoll is a cat breed with blue-eyed and different fur color points. Developed by American breeder Ann Baker, this cat is best known for having a tame and calm temperament and love.

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6. Norwegian Forest Cat (561 votes, 5,6%)

Most popular cat in japan

Norwegian forest

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a domestic cat breed in northern Europe. This cat can adapt to extremely cold temperatures. Although it is said that the ancestor of this cat was brought to Norway by the Vikings around 1000 CE.

5. Russian Blue (562 votes, 5,6%)

Most popular cat in japan

Russian blue cat

Russian Blue is a cat breed with blue-silver fur. This cat is relatively intelligent and humorous but tends to be shy around the newcomer.

4. Munchkin (785 votes, 7,8%)

Most popular cat in japan

Munchkin cat

Munchkin is one of the new cat breeding, characterized by a very short, which is caused by a naturally occurring genetic mutation. This cat was bred in 1980 in the United States.

3. Mixed cat breeds (1.250 votes, 12,4%)

Most popular cat in japan

Japan domestic cat

This cat is a mixed gent that is attracted by Japanese residents. The cat certainly has been crossed with one or more breeds of cats from other countries.

2. American Short-hair (1.502 votes, 14,9%)

Most popular cat in japan

American Shorthair cat

American Short-hair is a domestic cat breed believed to be derived from European cats When it was brought to North America by one of the inhabitants to protect the cargo from rats. According to the Cat fancier’s Association, in 2012, American Short-hair was included in the list of the 7 most popular cat breeds in the United States.

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1. Scottish Fold (1.973 votes, 19,5%)

Most popular cat in japan

Scottish fold cat

Scottish Fold is a breed of cat with a dominant gene mutation that makes its ear cartilage has folded. That’s why the cat’s ears can bend forward and backward. Read more about the Scottish fold rank in Japan.

There is the most popular cat breed in japan that results from cat lover votes.

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