Most Popular Russian Cat Breed Base On Cat Lover Adopt Rank In Russia

Top 20 Countries Higher Cat Population in 2021

In 2021, statistics show the USA is the country with the most higher cat population in the world it’s the first rank on the report. The USA cat population reaches 74,059,000. Followings by the higher human population country in the world China, China cat population reaches 53,100,000. The third position is the country with the Russian cat breed is blue cat originated country is Russia, Russian cat population reaches 17,800,000.

Here is the table of which top 20 countries higher cat population in 2021.

TOP 20 CAT POPULATIONS 2021Cat Population Count
South Africa2,000,000
Czech Republic1,750,000

We talk about the most popular cat that originated from Russia. Russia is the country with a higher rank cat owner in 2017. Statista report Russia reaches 59% of cat owner followed by the USA 43%, and Argentina 41%. That proves Russian is the most cat owner live there.

Looks at the countries with higher cat owners in 2017:

The Most Popular Cat In Russia

Russia is the country with higher cat lovers living there so the most popular Russian cat breeds from Russia is the most wanted by a cat lover entire the world. Even cat lovers from here in the US. the most popular Russian cat breed name is the Russian blues cat. However, in this article, we will review the best cat breed from Russia where most cat lovers in Russia make them as favorite pets.

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Here are the top 10 best Russian cat breeds:

# 1 Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blues Cat

Russian Blues Cat

The Russian blue cat or also known as Russian Blues is the most common cat breed around the world it names too popular for cat lovers. The legend or history is known first Russian blue bring the cat by British sailor from Archangel Isles a port in the northern city of Russia to Britain.

Russian blue cats are genius animals and need mental and physical exercise. The cat needs wide room space and free access to a toy is an important thing. They have high skill hunting instinct, so, the fishing pole toy is perfect for them or some toy with require for a move like real prey for the cat.