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How To Care Newborn Abandoned Kittens Without A Mother

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How to care for abandoned kittens without a mother

Caring for a kitten with age beneath three weeks without a mother is quite more difficult than your things. Of course, you have to be extra in giving your caring to it. Abandoned Kittens are different treatments not like the cats as a baby they need more concern from us as an owner to give full love to them.

#Don’t be panic

Doing an act quickly when you find the abandoned kittens without mother time is crucial. Panic is never helped as soon as possible, they need to be treated quickly in that situation. Make a plan for the kittens for the next 24 hours of treatment. You just are thinking about short-term plans to care its. If any trouble condition on kittens better you should take it to a veterinarian.

newborn kitten care
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#Make a good and comfortable environment.

Make a good environment for kittens, and being comfortable is an important thing to growing kittens. You can begin by yourself as well as always wash your hands after and before keeping them.

It remembers the kittens free from dirt, bacteria, virus, and so on. There are important things that you should concern about in giving a good environment for kittens:

#Keep it warm at a comfortable temperature

Newborn cats have an uncertain body temperature, so that is sometimes cold and as usual. To warm themselves up, they take close to huge mothers.

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However, it will be different if they are without a mother. That’s why you should make a comfortable temperature room for it.

You can hack it warm from a bottle containing hot water and covered it with a towel. Keep checking the warmth level of the bottle to keep it warm. You can also use special pet heating that is available in the pet shop.

# Set up a comfortable bed

Make a kitten bed so they can rest well and that it be calm. Use a box and a towel for a mattress and covered it. Put the bed in a comfortable room that is left from too cold or hot. Stimulate them to go to bed with comfortable, you can provide a towel so that makes them warm and feel relaxed.

# Spay around there are any male cats in the area

Don’t forget to look around and identify there is a free area for adult male cats. If you have a male cat do not allow the cat to come to close the kittens. As a Felidae family, the cat is killing newborn male kittens for the area free from another male cat in their territory. So make sure the area was sterilized from an adult male cat