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The Beautiful Ragdoll Cat History They Are Actually Ann Baker Cat

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Hello cat lovers!

Hopefully, you’re healthy as always, we will discuss ragdolls cat at this time if you know Ragdolls is the world’s large size cat breed already recognized by Guinness World Of Record.

Ragdolls have a history that is said to have been first bred by Ann Baker, a Persian breeder from the USA. Ragdoll cat is a cat breed that results from breeding the between Persian, a Birman, and a Burmese cat.

Although Ragdolls are not yet recognized by some cat organizations standards in the world such as TACF, TICA, CFA, FIFe. But the success story of Ann Beker who continues to breed the Ragdoll cat has got a great reward.

Therefore, the Ragdoll cat organization in 1971 finally was recognized by various world-level cat organizations that have a standard cat breed.

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