The Reason Why Cats Bring Dead Prey To Home To Show They Are Care

Being a common thing if the owner of a cat, especially a female, is abandoned from home experience. When opening the door the cat enters with carrying prey, especially mice.

Did the cat not satisfied with homemade cat food? Or is it basically a cold-blooded evil creature that always wants to kill? Before determining it, take some of the following facts!

Cats are essentially born as hunters. As the latest findings show that every year, in America, wild cats or Release cats have killed billions of small animals, such as birds and mice.

But that does not mean they are bad, but rather in their natural “lifestyles” as carnivores.

Although cats have been domesticated since thousands of years ago, cats still keep their hunting instincts from their ancestors, including the persistent simple intestine that allows them to eat raw meats.

Sometimes, however, cats, especially the females that were mandated, did not actually kill the small animals it brought. They wanted to give the animal as a gift to their owner.

It was his natural role as a mother or teacher. In the wild, the female cat teaches her son how to eat his prey by carrying dead animals or injured animals. Well, for a pet, they consider their owner like his (or not) child to hunt the little animal.

So, before punishing your cat, it’s worth considering the meaning of the behavior. They consider you a family, a child, and a disciple.

Bela paisagem!

Zappa faz sucesso com muito estilo (Foto: Reprodução)

Gatinho muito fofo

Vamos apostar quem pula mais alto?

Tire as mãos de mim humano

Happy World Cat Day!! ❤️❤️ Een ode aan al onze geweldige katjes, in alle kleuren, karakters, maten en gewichten! Bedankt om onze dag warm te laten beginnen en om er onvoorwaardelijk voor ons te zijn. We beloven jullie dag in dag uit ons allerbest te doen om jullie gelukkiger te maken. Maak je vandaag eens even klein als je kat, ga op de grond liggen en geniet van de knuffels die je kat je geeft. Geniet gewoon van te ‘zijn’ met je katten. #catmeditation

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