How To Know Cats Body Language That Make You Easy Communicate With Them

Cat body language is difficult to understand for us, cats communicate with smell, sound, and gestures of their body. With all of that, they try to communicate their feelings to other animals as well as to us as their owners.

By understanding exactly what the gesture or action Horn of our cat’s movement is, we can easily understand our cat’s condition, whether it is about his feelings or their health. Through this way, we can understand what the true sich is our cats feel or experience because this sign or code is already a lot of known to have even been researched too and almost accurately 100%.

Let us peek at what sign our cat gives to understand his feelings so that we are more sensitive to what they feel.

#Through their eyes.

Find out our cat’s attitude from their eyes. Cats have very expressive eyes and usually, eyes are the most obvious and easiest indicators of cat feelings to understand.

However, of course, the expression or code of their eyes keeps different meanings depending also on the situation, therefore it is very important that we can understand other body gestures so that they can understand and understand correctly the feeling of Our cats.

The eyes gently slowly and the pupil shrinks.

Usually, this implies that they are feeling happy, happy, or comfortable with the surrounding conditions and enjoy their relaxing conditions. But when the pupil of their eyes shrink it can be indicated they are experiencing stress.

Staring without flashing.

Usually, in this case, they do when they are trying to intimidate an opponent or are feeling angry. In such circumstances, we should not seek to approach or touch it because they are in poor condition.

Enlarged pupils.

It can be interpreted that the cat is in a state of fear, curiosity, anger, or just because the condition of the room is dark or slightly light.

#Through their ears.

The ears used as a means of cat communication require that usually, they do this very quickly.

The ears fold sideways.

In this case, it can be interpreted that they are ready to protect themselves from the attacks of opponents which also means a sign that he is subject and will obey their opponent.

Ears move backward.

Cats that do so tend to be signs that their cat is angry and ready to attack. So, your heart hen cats give you this sign because they are in the is not good and is threatened.








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