The Story Of The Viral Kucing Petani (Farmer Cats) Youtube Channel From Indonesia Their Owner Always Preaching Them

Cats are adorable pets that sometimes also behave funny. So, many people then choose to make them part of their family. You also have known cats are smart massaging.

Well, if so far the cat is just smart massaging, this time we will get acquainted with the according to Youtube channel Kucing Petani (Farmer Cats) from Indonesia and gladly invited them to the garden and listen to their owner preaching before they eat time.

They’re name Arnold, Boy, Piter, and Repa who exist through the Youtube Kucing Petani channel. The Youtube channel belongs to Abang Cali, the owner of the four cats who is indeed working as a farmer. He began uploading with cats since view months ago.

Bang Cali also said if he did chose a job as a farmer because it was a college in the agriculture department, so farming is part of the science practice that he had from the campus.

The cat always invites his cat to go to the garden. Uniquely, nobody denied it, they obeyed all the commandments of their owner.

Through the video uploaded, Bang Cali explains that he kept the four cats from kittens. He looked love the animal so much. He also trained cats to be submissive and does not take food before his instruction. One of the ways he applied was to give preaching before pinching the food and give it to his four pets.

As you saw in the video, all was silent and did not protest when Bang Cali gave a lecture like advising humans. They were all silent and Wait patiently. In fact, if we see from his mind, the domestic cats mostly like stealing and grabbing food, especially it’s already in front of theirs.

Not only when listening to the lecture before meals, obedient when asked to the garden, Boy and friend also often be washed, dressed in a quirky like glasses applied and a fur wig so resembles a lion. And again there’s nothing to protest and be worried about with their dress. The Petani Kucing habit makes them go viral.

The phenomenon of the Petani Kucing Youtube Channel is a special entertainment for Netizen. They rarely commented that the boss and His cats were invited to black and white, many people will pray for Bang Cali for healthy to continue and added a lot of its money.

There are lessons that we can get from the story of the owner and his cats. The preaching should also be heard by the people. We have ought to be grateful for anything that is eaten that day, everything is sustenance from God. The cat is could grateful.

Sources: Boombastis

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