When An Aggressive Eagle Attack RC Mustang Plane

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As we know the eagle is predator bird or bird of prey their instincts are attacks everything moving fly to be a prey even though objects bigger than eagle body.

All predator we know they’re aggressive instincts like an eagle no want any competitors around its territorial area. When the man flying game with his RC plane the wild eagle suddenly appears to attacks with it claw make RC Plane almost broke.

The eagle sensitively when RC plane moving fly and the sound of the machine makes an eagle-like that challenges to fight him.

That actually happens the Mustang RC plane following by angry eagle caught on camera took at wing RC Plane.The video found on youtube upload a view years ago that I think very rare footage when animals response about objects when making it’s like the others compete for that eagle.

The eagle still pursuits the plane, when those guys run away from a predator at the end the plane little bit crash and broke at the tail, caused claw by an eagle.

The eagle is more chance when the plane fly and maneuver you can see on video what happen on that. I think that was awesome footage ever exist.

After a view minute, the eagle gets away from that plane that actually almost crash and unbalance flying. By the way thanks for coming to my page and get me your comment to improve my write and also about the video.

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