An Eagle Attacks Cat Shown on Cat Cam Set on Eagle Nest

eagle attack cat

eagle attack cat

Bald Eagle Watch Cat in California

An Eagle Attacks Cat Shown on Cat Cam Set on Eagle Nest

As we know the eagle is the big bird of prey known as well as raptor the most popular bird in the USA is the bald eagle. The bald eagle is a large size raptor from California to Alaska on its habitat actually the bald eagle is a sea eagle family, common fish hunter.

For some our kid may they ask us, what do bald eagles eat? The best answer is not fish because the bald eagle also eats other prey to achieve their nutrition. The fish is common in their food because of their life in a river delta or on the beach.

The eagles eat everything meat even the dead body smell of animal as a bald eagle the biggest eagle from North America like a golden eagle it has the power to killing mother goat when it hunting. The golden eagle claw very sharp and long size make them great eagle in the world not only able to kill goats the wolf also to be its prey sometimes.

The fish when show up to water that on the watch by a bald eagle and almost all off fish on eagle target is to be what bald eagles eat as food that I make sure 99% the bald eagle hunt is very accurate very small opportunity the fish can be run away by bald eagle target.

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As we know the most eagle behavior is hunting for a view days food once the eagle gets food that can hold for around 3-6 days the eagle not eat as bald eagle diet either. The eagle instinct usually was interested in an object moving on the ground even though that cat.

Check out this video the Hawk and Eagle Killing The Cat For Prey

As view video show on YouTube, the cam cat snatches the eagle hunting cat and that actually shows the cat on eagle claw that I call it hunter to be hunted. Hays eagle cam has set on many bald eagles by California bald eagle volunteer.

The view of them found the bald eagle bringing cat body to nest the evidence we know the cat is to be eagle chain food although the cat is the hunter for an eagle it to be food. Not only a cat the eagle can attack baby also the most trending on YouTube video.

The eagle attacks baby shown as babysitting in an open area in the park the golden eagle watches the baby as prey from high suddenly maneuver to snatched that baby to caring for meters before dropped because of the baby parent aware of his baby catching by an eagle.

Redtail Hawk Attack Cat

If we ask what do golden eagles eat as I was told before the golden eagle’s very largest eagle in the world has killers claw and more power to killing big mammal as goat, dog, wolf, coyote, bobcat, rabbit, and many other mammals.

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May also your interest.

The golden eagle’s behavior when it attacks prey they usually watch the prey from high as well on rock and the flying sky to find the target on the ground.

After catch prey, if the prey big as a mountain goat the golden eagle dropped prey from the highest to killing in prey.

After prey killed the golden eagle break skin and eat its prey or decide to bring that prey to its nest.

The golden eagle nest usually found on mountain rock.

The bird of prey as well as the hawk, eagle, and owls they do eat cats either no specific prey for them the object with containing meat that to be their prey.

Watch the leopard cat video

On many YouTube video has shown hawk kills cat one of the video the red tail hawk kill the domestic cat on NYC exactly in front of banner do not kill each other I think the hawk didn’t read it. For the original video visit here on Youtube.

I also have some question about how much weight can an eagle carry object? As we know the eagle can bring heavier things than their body.

The big sizes as goat or cat can be carry by an eagle to its nest on high mountain rock. The specific information we can find detail on Wikipedia about eagle description.

Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle Talons

Little bird of prey as the hawk can carry other big bird like a pigeon to eat and the golden eagle can carry big prey as goat body, the red tail hawk cat carries a domestic cat, and the bald eagle also can carry the big fish even the heavy more than itself body size.

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So, the eagle can carry objects heavier than themselves body because of the eagle size and body design for the bird of prey they hunting and killing prey for food that their behavior lives for killing.

Eagle eats cat
Eagle eats cat

bald eagle
Bald Eagle Manoeuvre
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