How Many Species Of Eagles Are There Should We Know

#Eagle birds

golden eagle How Many Big Species Of Eagles Are There Should We Know
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The image that comes to anyone’s mind for birds of prey is the eagle. There are more than 60 species of eagle in the world. Eagle can fly for several hours and travel a long distance with hardly any energy. Eagles are extremely powerful when it comes to hunting.
They have this talon that gets used to exert vast amounts of food, and their beaks are designed to slice through flesh like no one business. They have wings that are broad enough to be the most spectacular flyers of all birds species.
Also known to have an excellent eyesight that is better than that of a human to capture prey in a twinkle of an eye. A giant eagle can weigh up to 6-7 kg.
Eagles birds build nest to hatch an egg. They are very keen when choosing a place to make nest. They go for elevated positions. The female bird lays two eggs in which one of the eggs hatches a young one which goes ahead to kills the other one hatched after it.
The parents do not control it from killing the other. Therefore, the population of the birds is so controlled. It is survival of the fittest.

How Many Species Of Eagles Are There Should We Know

#Types of eagles

  • Sea Eagle

sea eagle, How Many Big Species Of Eagles Are There Should We Know
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They are also known as fish eagles. As their name suggests, they live near the water bodies. Eagles are found on almost all continent except the South America and Antarctica continent.
Their weigh an average of 2-3 kg. What do these eagles eat? Their diet is mainly comprised of fish species. Sea eagle is fourth most significant in all birds of prey. It has a wingspan that is nearly two and a half meters.
It has a bright yellow beak and talons. You will immediately note a mature sea eagle from its greyish-brown plumage which has a pale head. An adult sea eagle has a whitetail. It appears like a colossal vulture when it’s flying.
It nests around the shores of sea, lake or rivers. Immediately the eggs are produced, they end their flight abruptly. The eggs last within 38 days before hatching. It feeds on fish, rabbits and other birds.
  • Booted Eagle

booted eagle, How Many Big Species Of Eagles Are There Should We Know
Image Source: Indian Bird Photography
It is known as the true eagle. It is a small eagle that grows up to 510-770 g for the male and as for the females grows up to 840-1000 g. Has a pale brown streaked darker brown head and neck.
Booted eagle has a tail which is greyish brownish at the edges. It has a white forehead. Mountains and open lands are its breeding point. It feeds on insects while walking and also other species eggs and chicks. Both mates fly together during the display period. Eagles are reuse the same nest in every year.
They are migratory where they leave the breeding areas in September and return in March-April. They build their nest in a tree in an isolated one. The female produces two eggs at intervals of three to four days.
It usually lasts for 37-45 days. Booted eagles feed on birds, mammals like lizard, insects, and others; they feed on eggs too as mentioned. Both mates hunt for food.
It spends most the time on air and likes to fly above trees.
  • Snake Eagles

Snake Eagle How Many Big Species Of Eagles Are There Should We Know
Image Source: popflock
They are known as serpent eagle. They are medium- sized. Specialized in feeding in snakes. They hunt for them in open areas especially those found in vegetables, trees or grounds. And have scales that protect them from the snake bite.
Eagle do other species like the lizards, birds, bats, and others. They have a bulky body and are recognize for their golden-yellow eyes.
Snake eagles nest in trees. It is made of sticks and twigs, leaves and grass. The eggs produce are incubate for 45-55 days period.
snake eagle How Many Big Species Of Eagles Are There Should We Know
common snake eagle
  • Harpy Eagles

harpy eagle, How Many Big Species Of Eagles Are There Should We Know
Image Source: Animalspot
They are one of the most abundant species of eagles. Female eagles weigh up to 6-8 kg while the male weighs 4-5 kg. Have short wings which enable it manoeuvre across its habits which are thickly forest areas. They have dark grey feathers with a white underside. Their prey mostly on mammals that are dwell on trees, that is the monkeys, birds, and others.
Different from snake eagles in that; they don’t fly on open air, they are rarely seen. They have the most extend lifespan of about 25-35 years. Their nests are made from branches and sticks. The female lays two eggs even though only one egg is hatch. Therefore their population is so control.
Do eagles live everywhere? Where do eagle birds live? The answer is no! Eagles are find on all continents except the Antarctic. They are mostly find living in trees.

#Did you know:

How long to eagle live? Can eagles live up to 70 years? Well, eagles live up to 30 years in the wild and reaching the maximum of 70 years for an eagle is no joke. They live longer due to the food supply and the shelter they get. In short, if an eagle wants to live long, it must make a hard decision to prey on consistent prey and must find itself a proper shelter.
Eagles beak is made of Keratin like that of human fingernails? The beak grows like how human nails grow. They feed on solid foods and rub its beak against the hard surface to keep it clean. The loss of their beak can end up being death to them.
They lose their feathers and regrow them? Well, all birds lose feathers, and they regrow through the process of moulting. They go through the process once a year. Old feathers fall out natural during the moulting process, and the new ones grow.
The feathers of an eagle are different; They are replace one by one. Without feathers we all know, no bird can fly but with an eagle, the birds continue to operate as its feathers grow one at a time.
The talons of an eagle are also made of keratin. They even constantly grow. Every time an eagle goes on a flight to hunt and grabs or kills a prey, it sharpens its talons more which prevents them from becoming long.
If it happens to lose its claws, It will not grow back like how feathers do. It can die from starving or from plucking outs its talons.
Check this video how eagles attack prey :

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