How Kind You're to Saves Animal Lives In The World

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Hello There! wish you’re lucky today.How Kind You’re to Saves Animal Lives In The World

We live in the same world. We share someplace and food with other creature by God as well animal and they create for just human sufficient need. The animal lives until now that actually by under human control in the ancient animal just used by the human for food and their skin produces for clothes.

Source:  Krittergirl
In the modern human style, lives drag to the hunting animal to keep them for produce more food and food industry more growth impact by human population growth each year. The food not only need to security but more importance since WW I and WWII. The food security very important caused by wars.

After WWII

After WWII industry more growth in USA and  Europe that make mammal as well as cow. Sheep and pig keep them to animals farm and then drag them to the slaughterhouse.
Since now the animal at the animal farm produce more food and when they scarce and lack of food. The people turn back to the hunting wild animal. But on the modern the hunting not for hungry people that just for hobby or fun.
The rich people can be paid more money just for kill one deer in Africa. Even the rare animal like rhino or old lion may that being the icon someplace.
Kill animal just for fun it truly not fun for us but for other people that more everything.
I just share with you to save animal around your home, the animal the little thing it body that pleases saves them lives. We need the animal to help us like ant cant reduce waste and the lizard can reduce animal body.
I can’t imagine how cruel we are if an animal was gone. That very boring and lives may end that world the end.
I suggest we can starting to follow what the kind doing for an animal like this video that we can appreciate kind that people to saves birds and also we rate for us how kind you’re to save animal lives in the world.

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