How To Make Easy Homemade Cat Food With Simple Recipes

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Cats are animals that are more beloved pets to pet lovers because of their spoiled and cutest. In the United States, many people adopt cats as family members.  Most of them adopt a cat breed from the domestic cat that cat hair was prettier.

But, many have complained of expensive cat food. Expensive cat food is a fairly rare availability because of the rare pet shop or pet care in small towns. Of course hard to buy expensive cats food. But don’t worry! This time we give you about how to make easy homemade cat food recipes and the ingredients are easy to find!

Although cats have some obstacles to eating food, here we will give tips to make alternative cat food that is certainly safe and suitable to be eaten by your cats. There is some processed cat food that makes your cat fat and healthy!

How to make cat food from tofu

Just like Tempeh, tofu is also a favorite cat food ingredient you know can make it with rice and fish that has been softly pureed.

Split steamed fish meat/boiled with the duration mix the fish meat with tofu and then puree and mash the puree with a fork.

How to make cat food from chicken

Cats also eat chickens as their food menu. Cats like to eat chicken meat too much, chicken liver even heart.

Rice, which is not too mushy, tastes (it is estimated to eat out)
Chicken meat, chicken liver, and chicken heart braised to taste and be taken the soup.
Chicken ingredients also are replaced with beef and processed to be taken into the soup.

How to make cat food from eggs

Cat Eating Eggs Video

A cat also likes to eat egg yolk. The way is quite easy to make this recipe is usually used as the cat lover to make snacks for their Cats

Salmon or any fish meat
Rice 2/3 Cups
1/2 tbsp milk without lactose
1 egg
1 tbsp butter/oil
Mix in and puree with a fork or spoon.

How to make Dry Food for a cat

Dry food is a cat food that is neither flaccid nor dry to chew. This type of cat food is usually more crispy and crisp but still easy for a cat to eat. How to make it easy enough!

50gr of mashed chicken meat
1tbsp of fish oil and 1 tbsp pumpkin
1 egg and 20-gram wheat flour
Mix the pumpkin with eggs with some of the shell flakes. After that add the meat and mix all ingredients such as oil and flour until blended
Dough shape in a circle

Then the dough oven of the circle with a temperature of 350 degrees for 9-12 minutes. Let it cool first and then give it to the cat.

Cat Eating Dry Food

How to make a wet cat meal

Cat Eating Wet Food Video

There are many ways of making wet food for cats. However, there are some easy recipes and often used by cat lovers to give healthy food to their cats at an affordable price!

1/4 tsp olive oil or salmon oil
2.30 grams of cooked potatoes without skin
2.7 Gram Cats Vitamins
83 chicken, tuna, or can choose other fish that are rich in protein
50 grams of mushy rice
You can reach the material above with a spoon or fork, or with a blender to make it smoother.

How to make cat food from vegetable

Cats do not just love fish and meat. Cats also eat some vegetables because the cat’s body also needs enough vitamins. Indeed, some cats are hard to eat vegetables directly, you must be innovative by mixing vegetables with other ingredients.

Broccoli is mixed with meat, tofu, or tempeh
Potatoes can be mixed with enough meat and protein
Corn as snacks for cats mixed with wet food
A carrot is a mixture of wet and dried foods

That’s some recipe that can be in the sport to give the cat healthy food and not too expensive that you can make it by yours. Your beloved cat can live long dependent on the care we give to cats.

If we take good care then cats will live healthily and not easily hurt. The sick cats are certainly very overwhelmed and so panic aren’t it?


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