Do Kittens Eat Cat Food And When Its Switch?

Cat food There is a pet shop usually divided into two types, food for cats and food for kittens. Do you have to find out what is the difference between a kitten’s food and the cat meal?

How about that, do kittens eat cat food? Let’s find out!

Kittens Food

According to animal protection organizations ASPCA, kittens need a lot of nutrients and a bit different from the cats. Usually, the food for the kittens is written for cats aged 1 – 12 months. But in its newborn age usually kittens only drink breastfed from its mom.

Kittens usually begin to eat cat food at the age of a month. Kittens need nutrient servings for more energy than the cats. The energy can be obtained by cats from proteins in the food. So, usually, the food of kittens contains more protein. Kittens have activities that require more energy, such as running, jumping, and playing
all day.

The kitten can produce vitamin C by its self, but usually, the veterinarian will advise us to meet the needs of vitamin B for them. Vitamin B is important for the kitten’s growth and we can find it’s from kittens food.

Kitten food also contains more calories than cat food because of its different energy needs. In addition, the kitten’s food texture and cats are also different because the condition of the teeth and gums are also different.

The question is do kittens eat cat food?

Actually, if the kitten eats a cat’s food unintentionally, it will not any problem. However, kittens need the nutrients contained in a kitten’s diet. If it is constantly eating cat food, then it may not get enough nutrients to grow. In fact, the food of an important kitten is consumed to grow it into a healthy cat.

So, kittens are better off eating special food for kittens. Usually, kittens begin eating cat food at the age of a year. However, a large type of cat like a Maine coon began to be considered to enter adulthood when it was 18 months.

At the beginning of the food change, you can try slowly by mixing cat food. If It’s ok. It’s just that the higher calorie foods of kittens can make cats excess calories if it is constantly eating kittens.


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