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Why Do Cats Bring Gifts “Dead Animal” To Their Owner

Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner


Why do cats bring a gift usually to show the prey to you? Are you know why cats bring gifts to their owner or you have seen your cat bring a dead animal into your home?

If you have found your cat bring the animal to you as its owner, which indicated your cat pet is a real hunter in the wild even if there was born in a captive as a domestic animal as well as a pet.

Here is the reason why a cat brings a gift:

Cat is the real hunter in the wild.

Why Do Cats Bring Gifts to Their Owners7
Why Do Cats Bring Gifts to Their Owners?

If you remember what is the domestic cat cousin in the wild? the close cousin of the is the wild cat and the big cat that they are living with intensively hunter entire they are life.

Cat Fighting Video

So, like a domestic cat, it still has related to wild cat the wild instinct is never gone from them even if the cat pet is born and live with a human.

The domestic cat lived and become a pet thousands of years ago, their instinct to hunt is still aggressive even looking cute and turning to calm but if a small animal moves around the cat their hunting instinct always appears.

So, hunting and exercising when cats were kittens old is often their behavior.

#Cats Bring Gifts Dead Animal To Their Owner

Why does the cat bring you dead prey?

Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner
Why Do Cats Bring Gifts To Their Owner

The prey sometimes is alive usually the cat doesn’t eat what they’re bringing home. the cat pet knows they do not need to hunt for a meal so, what is the cat still hunting prey to bring home?

The gift is usually brought home like a small animal as well as a rat, mouse, squirrel and lizard, insect, and bird.

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Watch the cat bring a gift to their owner video: