Here Is The Reason Why Mother Cats Eat Newborn Kittens

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The Reason Why Mother Cats Eat Newborn Kittens

In most species, save their baby made by a mother who should not come at the expense of her health. Consequently, many large species can absorb the fetus again if adverse conditions. If the pregnancy is too far along, then they cover the cost after they are born. In many cases, mother cats eat newborn kittens.

From a mother’s perspective, this may manifest as a compulsive act caused by stress and anxiety. All cats (and most animals) will eat newborn kittens to cover some cost of childbirth. If the bad thing-a is a sick or skinny mother, or a chaotic condition, then mom may just keep eating.

mother cat and kittens
mother cat and kittens

The new mom finds the mother herself very stressed, because it is their first time, and some of them become confused and will chew the legs or tails of the offspring while clearing them. They are just not sure what they are doing, yet.

So, the risk factor for this on cats is a first-time mom. Unsafe or chaotic environment. Illness or malnutrition.

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