Here Is The Reason Why Mother Cats Eat Newborn Kittens

The Reason Why Mother Cats Eat Newborn Kittens

In most species, save their baby made by a mother who should not come at the expense of her own health. Consequently, many large species can absorb the fetus again if adverse conditions. If the pregnancy is too far along, then they cover the cost after they are born. In many cases, mother cats eat newborn kittens.

From a mother’s perspective, this may manifest as a compulsive act caused by stress and anxiety. All cats (and most animals) will eat newborn kittens to cover some cost of childbirth. If the bad thing-a is a sick or skinny mother, or a chaotic condition, then mom may just keep eating.

mother cat and kittens

mother cat and kittens

The new mom finds the mother herself very stressful, because it is their first time, and some of them become confused and will chew the legs or tails of the offspring while clearing them. They are just not sure what they are doing, yet.

So, the risk factor for this on cats is a first-time mom. Unsafe or chaotic environment. Illness or malnutrition.

Besides eating a dead kitten or sick (to keep the living room and other kittens free from disease and infection) mother’s cat will be used (rarely) killing and sometimes eating a healthy kitten due to stress.

This can happen to young mothers, who are more susceptible to rejecting their kittens, and to older mothers with hormonal imbalances that cause them to reject their young.

mother cat and kittens

mother cat and kittens

Basically, cats will sometimes not bond with their kittens, and will not recognize them as hers, and in a state of confusion and distress, he will see them as prey or threats and attack them.

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Cats (and dogs) will also kill their young if they feel depressed and unsafe. This is sometimes the case when humans try to move animals that have just given birth to a more comfortable and safer place in the home-animals choose where they give birth because that’s where they feel safe.

So, people move them to the place that they do not choose (no matter how comfortable or safe place it) can stress the mother animal out and cause her to kill her young.

Newborn kittens video

It can also happen if the mother and baby are disturbed too much. Mom wants babies to be safe ‘ hidden ‘ from everyone, but people and animals she believes, so if the owner starts allowing many visitors to come and see the new kitten (or puppy) then MOM can get very stressed out and kill His own descendants if he could not move them in a place he felt safer.

The cat is a protective mother who loves very well from scratch. When they give birth, they eat afterbirth which is the same size as the kitten. They just eat their young if they are born dead or flawed.

Same with the dog. They did not eat their healthy descendants. Not usually anyway. We had dog trash in which one puppy was backward and bloated, the strangest thing to see! It had a heart rate but once we took it from the mother and cleared it and wrapped it with a cloth holding it as long as it kept breathing.

mother cat and kittens

It was pathetic, but there was no way to save it because it was deformed. Now that we have left him with the mother he will eat it along with he was born again but we did not.

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As much as it is dirty to see their birth-feeding animals it is a mechanism used in nature to provide mothers with the much-needed nutrients that they will not get in the wild till they regain the strength to go out of kittens/dogs to search for food.

When animals are pets however and have the necessary help and food sources from the owner, which still is not a bad idea to allow them to clean up they’re young and eat all the afterbirth stuff but you will not harm the animal if you take it away to throw it for them.

mother cat and kittens

Also when they chew to cut the newborn rope, sometimes they deliberately chew a bit too far and that can lead to an excess of newborn bleeding and also cause umbilical hernia so if the mother is having trouble Cut the rope you can do it with the sharp Sor s about 2 -3 inches of their stomach.

Often a hernia is caused by an attractive mother in the kittens while trying to chew through her rope so that you can help prevent it by lending some help. We have done it with both kittens and puppies for better results.

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