To Know Your Cats Behavior That Proves You Are One Of True Cat Lovers

Cat is feline family were in wildlife they are true hunters, they were live beside humans for a long time as pets or adaptation to the domestic cat. The reason they decided to live with the human is easy to find food and support with human love to them and love to adopt the cat as their family as a pet. To know the cat’s behavior that proves we are true cat lovers.

#Hunt Instincts

cat hunting behavior

Like tigers, kittens are true hunters. They have a very strong hunting sense, They can do it even though they are not hungry. They never knew when to eat and where to come to their food for next. Your cats will always prepare and wait for their prey to come.


cat behavior

When your kittens are young, bitings are just their way to play with you. When they grow up, your kitten’s bite will get stronger, try to decide on the game and ignore him for a while. If he does not understand, talk to him in a stern tone, a loud voice-but do not shout. Your kittens will understand soon, and he will stop biting you.

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#Take Home The Prey

cat behavior

Like a tiger living in a wild, your cats are great hunters. Hunting and catching prey is an important part of its basic behavior, so there are opportunities where this little friend will bring his prey home.

#Hold on the prey


cat behavior

The main reason why your cats bring their prey to the home is to finish the session. The first time they catch their prey, your cat will be catching whatever part he can. To kill its prey, they had to bite his neck, but he could not let his prey go because he was not with the gathering so they hold it to take it home.



When your cats come carrying something It captured, it’s interesting to imagine it bringing you a gift. The little hunter only followed his instincts by completing his hunting session where he felt safe, and where he would not be bothered by other predators.

Cat hunting video:



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