White-breasted Waterhen Bird Fight Each Other For Win

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Bird Fight Each Other

In the 4-minute video, the white-breasted waterhen bird fights each other. One of the birds had already lost its feathers and began to grow new feathers as well as its wings while unfortunately, the other one was a normal feather.

bird fight
bird fight

In the short fight is won by the bird who normal feathers but basically birds that is fewer feathers are tougher but due to fewer feathers to fly. Therefore it is too easy to beat in bird fights this time.

Well. These white-breasted waterhen birds are actually siblings they were born and big together but when they grow up with their instincts become fighting each other.

Both birds are male and I am looking for a female white-breasted waterhen bird for them.

Watch White-breasted Waterhen Bird Fight Video: 

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