Our Cat Reacts To Giant Brazilian Turtle

Our cat reacts to a giant Brazilian turtle

cat reacts to the turtle moving

These cats have never seen a turtle before in entire their life but at the moment I bring the giant Brazilian turtle to their eyes. One of them still kitten age first looks confused about the turtle but the other cat older than the kitten looks warned and more curious about the turtle.


I just put the turtle in the jar, cat group is not interested in it, I open the jar and put the turtle closer to them. The cat’s looks came to close the turtle. The turtle began to move to look for an opportunity to run away but the cat just follows it.


To make that video a more interesting experiment I throw a turtle at the cat. Cat’s reaction is too much like a nightmare they are shocked by the turtle to run to them. The cat almost has no time to run away from the turtle.

Cat and turtle is a high price pet

By the way, the turtle was got from the ditch one year ago and the cat is my pet. The turtle is the high price here because that turtle species is too rare here. and the cat breed was mixed cat breed also has a high price in the market today.

Watch our cat react to the turtle here:




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