Weaver Ants Hunt Adult Locusts with Agileness

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Weaver Ants Hunt Locust Video

In addition to being known for their strong complexion weaver ants also have a reliable hunting instinct by relying on the strength of the member ant group.

red weaver ants hunting grasshopper
red weaver ants hunting grasshopper

The ant also has a chemical liquid sprayed from its stomach through the tail to the hunted target so that the chemical fluid can paralyze prey within minutes.

In the following video, weaver ants with a strong command to help their companion in paralyzing a powerful locust. Locusts 100 times the size of weaver ant veins can be paralyzed in just minutes.

 Weaver ants video

Weaver ants bite firmly the body and legs of locusts that make locusts unable to move and run out of energy. Ants herd locusts into their nests easily. Toxited and dying locusts cannot carry out meaningful resistance against many and powerful ants.

Video weaver ant attack locust:

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