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# It’s Curved Tail

When your cat wants to mate, then its tail will curve to the side of the body when you hold its back right above.

# Decreased appetite

Cats that are in heat also another change of behavior, decrease in appetite. However, the characteristics are presumably still difficult to use as the main signs because the decline in the appetite also is caused by other things such as pregnancy, pain, vomiting, and various other causes.

# Their fur Glowing

The signs cats heat appears on their fur. The change is the color or appearance of the fur possessed by your cat looks as if it becomes glowing and not like as usual. This discoloration can be caused by the secretion of certain hormones that cause the cat’s fur to look shiny.

# Changes in body shape to be round and lush

When heat periods, usually the body cat shape will change, adjusting to its own. Some cats will usually change in body shape to be rounded and also look more fertile although so appetite decreased.

# Become more active

The change happened because cats usually wanted to show that they wanted to mate. it is a form of attention grabber. However, this more agile behavior change can also be caused by the emergence of special hormones that trigger the behavior of cats to become more agile when entering the heat period.

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cats mating
cats mating

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