Cats Signs When It Is On Heat Period Behavior

Cat Heat Period

Here is the female cat on heat signs:

  1. The female cat is the first-time hit is aged 7-8 months or 10-11 months that happen for 4-10 days, sometimes 4-5 days.
  2. These heat period will repeat after 1 month or after 2-3 months.
  3. A female cat behavioral change.

The female cat on heat period behavior:

  1. Cats will often be meowing loud and his hind legs run on the spot.
  2. Cats are more spoiled for their owners and more sensitive, sometimes like to roll around.
  3. When held on the right back on the base of the tail it will rise and the tail will curve to side its body.
  4. The cat’s appetite also tends to decline.
  5. Its fur shines, the body shape becomes rounded its move tend to energic and often rolling on the wall and floor.
cat mating

cat mating

However, If the cat is the first time heat when the age 10 months better shouldn’t be cat mating. The productive age, pregnant, and give birth cats start from the one year age.

At the one year, age cat is ready to give birth and take care of its kittens. Need to focus on the pyometra which causes breeding delay up to several times. Pyometra is a uterine infection due to the buildup progesterone hormones and causes thickening the uterine wall as well as potentially growing bacteria. If it happens Pyometramaka must be taken the case to prevent death.

Watch this cat mating video:

Should always care about cat’s health, as it is a high priority before decided to re-breeding them.

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The female cat who was in the breastfeeding period and raised its kittens, before her kittens were separated from the mother cat in age 3 months the mother cat shouldn’t be mating.

  • The minimum Formula for the re-breeding period is 3 months plus per month from the give birth and feed.
  • The birthing of the male cats varies but usually occurs at the age of one or more years.
  • Male cat on heat sign is a meow sound that louder, and if looking at a female its wants to touch.
  • Sometimes a female cat is a year old never shown heat. If so give its E vitamin to attract the hormones to mate.

Sometimes the heated moment is not simultaneously happening between the male and female cats so that the female cat will be upset when approached by a male cat.

Choose a male cat with high quality to give better quality cat breeds, take advantage of the cat mating services from the cat owner who rents out his high-profile male cat to mate. The times of the cat mating period usually about 7 days, that is, after the cat finishes its heat period.

How to tell if cat mating was successful? The question may be can be answered with the question of how do female cats act after mating? We have three years to care about cats and breeding them in our home. Actually for the male cats not shown significant behavior after mating it just sitting beside the female with still want to touch her.

cat mating

cat mating

However, the female cat shows different to reflected after the mating process, Its shows some rolling on the ground or the floor after mating. Its to show for the male about it enough mating for that time to male cat and waiting for a while to continue. Watch this cat sex video

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