cat on heat
cat on heat

As Cat Owner Known Signs Your Cat Is On Heat Is

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The Signs Your Cat Cat Is On Heat

If you cat lover or want to adopt them as your pet, there are many things about cats that you need to know. These are the sign cats that want to mate or are on heat. Knowing when your pet is on heat is important. It will experience view changes so you know how to care for the cat when it’s is on heat, of course, you have to adjust the circumstances that happen on your cat want to mate.

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Here are a few signs when your cat is on heat:

# The cat is an adult

old cat
old cat or senior cat

The first thing you need to know is that whenever a cat begins growing to adult and heating up and how many times the cat can be, and whenever the cat is experiencing it in a cycle of time that is owned by the cat. Basically, a female cat can experience a young age when it reaches ages between seven and eight months and can be between 10 to 11 months. While the male cat is not far from that age.

# Cats are often meowing

The sign your cat wants to mate it’s often meowing although there is nothing going on around it. Its speeding voice is also sometimes heavy and hard as if to attract the attention of his female or male. But the reason for the cat also does not necessarily because he is a young one. You should, therefore, look at other signs or if you need to check with the nearest veterinarian to see if you are a young cat or not so that you know about your cat condition.

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# Cats are more spoiled

Cats change becomes more spoiled this is a change of behavior that you can notice quite clearly. Basically, this change can only be known by the owner. Some of the changes that will be seen among others are your curse so it is often around your feet or others behave, which in principle seeks to seek more attention and compassion from the owner.

# Cats are more sensitive

The cat characteristics that are on heat are the changes in cats in terms of psychologically, your cat becomes more sensitive than usual. Cats will be more sensitive, often rolling, more sensitive. Need to be aware this change in behavior will not happen to all cats that want to mate. Some Cats may instead not be sensitive at all. Therefore, you need to know other signs that may be able to ensure that your cat is pregnant.

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