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Common Black Starling bird Asia
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# Starling Birds Fact Should You Know

Asia is the most popular of many species of birds that live there as one like starling birds. The Asian people particularly Southeast Asia like Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia. In this post, Starling Birds Fact Should You Know If You Decided To Keep Them for Pet I just share the experience about how to care for Starling birds.


Many people have a hobby taking a bird for their pet. May in Europe the Starling become the pest because of they grow very fast and stole everything stuff to being food for them but it’s an instinct of the animal.

In Asia, the Starling bird becomes a scarce species in the next ten years caused by the hobby of people have a rare hobby like to be birds as they pet.

Three often people have a hobby being birds to their pet and that danger for it. Starling birds as one species more preferably to be a pet because they have strong birds and are also easy to feed.

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# Starling Size

Starling birds are small birds with cylinder beaks, short tails,s, and white points when they fly on wings. they also have a little bit long leg and when fly the wings look short making them smaller birds but I opinion they include the middle size birds because they size around 13 cm beak to tail.

# Plumage Colours Pattern

Starling colors pattern is changed within they have glossy plumage combined amazingly with black and blue. Their beak is commonly yellow, sometimes they have white on the neck and wings. but in winter they are plumage changes to brown.

# Behavior of Starling

Starling is flock birds they gather fly to find food fly together and drop down to grassland field to looking for food they have a loud voice to call each other and too greedy bird when its get food they can wipe up just on minutes.


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