Amazing Bird Should You Know About Silver Breasted Broadbill

Silver Broadbill bird
Silver Broadbill
credit photo: Flickr

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On this article, I share with you about Silver Breasted Broadbill (Serilophus lunatus). Amazing Bird Should You Know About Silver Breasted Broadbill
That bird looks like sculpture created with beautiful plumage silver breast and also like wearing glasses. It has orange plumage on backed also black dominated.
I saw that birds always a couple every time I meet them. The Silver Breasted Broadbill have a cylinder beak they are insects eater species birds, particularly spider, litter butterfly and dragonfly, grasshopper, mantises, and larvae.
The habitat of Silver Breasted Broadbill you can find them in southeast Asia within semi-tropical forests like Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. That bird’s species until now they were reduced population caused hunting for sale. If you turn to animal black market in that country you can easier to find them in the cage.
That birds little bird confused bird and look like standout sculpture and stand without motion but if we turn into close to them the response with a little fly but not so far just moving to separate a view meters with us.
I interested to watch the activity of them. The female birds take a spiders nest and little dry bush to build the nest but I can’t find their nest around there.
I mention we have to take care about birds conservation and continue their life around us.
See on them on my video below:


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