Amazing Chinese Flycatcher Birds Should You Know About Them Lives

Chinese Flycatcher Birds
Chinese Flycatcher Birds
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Amazing Chinese Flycatcher Birds Should You Know About Them Lives Until Now

Thanks for coming to my page. On this page, I share with you about Chinese Flycatcher Birds.
I found it’s female Chinese Flycatcher bird that has the same size as the male but it different colours than male. The male Chinese Flycatcher birds have more beautiful plumage colours orange combine within blue and red. I update that male on next article.
The female bird plumage little bit dark green mix with blur white on breasted and have also a little bit red colour on her neck.
As we know the Chinese Flycatcher birds is insects eater species as well as grasshopper, butterfly, dragonfly, spiders. flies, etc.
They’re named Chinese Flycatcher bird because their instincts when it hunting food strategy. Calm on the twig while watching and wait for an opportunity of prey appear up and then It’s flying to catch as quickly and sometimes the birds chase also to hunting target.
Although if you ask me why it’s named Chinese? My answer is probably that birds species based from ancient China traveler by the many hundred years ago by the time they are come and lives around Southeast Asia.
The habitat of Chinese Flycatcher actually you can find them in rainforest sub-tropics countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand.
The Chinese Flycatcher is the bird of singing that caused by hunted by human to catch them. That impact to dangerous kind of poor country in many birds hunting to be their main of livelihood.
As I know in Indonesia that bird until know too much hunted by human for sale. Their expensive price trigger poor man to catch them. The condition is the impact to the population of that bird’s species more reduce probably make them gone someday if animal care community did not take action for that problem.
Only one solution to solving that problem is any people aware of important thing how to build awareness animal saver for people and raise welfare program for poor people around birds habitat.
Thanks for coming if you have more information about Chinese Flycatcher Birds do not hesitate to share on leave comment below I really glad hear from you too.
This video about Female Chinese Flycatcher Birds:


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