Girl Get Suffers Three Deep Wounds on Her Face After Attack By Pet Peacock in Serangoon

SINGAPORE – A three-year-old girl was his face was severely injured after he was attacked by pet birds. in Serangoon on Sunday (Nov 28).

The girl was on the way home from the Playground in the Park of Thirst, in Serangoon Park, with her brother and father when he stopped outside the house to see the Peacock, his mother wrote in the Facebook post on Wednesday.

Then a peacock said to have charged out suddenly attacked a girl.

Speaking to the Straits Times, the girl’s father, Mr. Joo Han, who is about 40, said: “I saw the peacock take two initial steps, wanting to carry her, so I ran to my daughter and tried to carry her.

“I drag my left knee and elbow on the pavement as I kept my girl and protected her, and punch the peacock with my right arm. He accused us a couple of times.”

The peacock owner left the house shortly after and pulled the bird by the tail, added Mr. Han, who is not working.

“I was shocked. we often see peacocks walking around the zoo or Sentosa, so I had no idea it could be that aggressive,” he said.

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The girl’s mother, Madam Kris Chan, 44, wrote on Facebook that her daughter had to undergo general anesthesia for the wound to be sutured.

The housewife also posted four photos of the cut on her daughter’s face, as well as her blood-stained clothes.

Mr. Han said that his daughter, who still has stitches on her face, is recovering well.

The National Parks Board (NParks) said on Wednesday that it is concerning the incident.

NParks did not answer questions about whether a peacock is allowed to be kept as a pet.

When ST went to the house where the girl was attacked, no one answered the bell and the door closed. There were statues of various birds on display on the walls surrounding the house and you could hear birds squawking in cages.

Neighbors said the attack was a shock, as they had not heard of the peacock’s violent behavior before. It was estimated to be about 2 meters long.

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“In the evenings, the owner would open the door and the peacock would walk, sometimes even on the road. Many people would stop and take pictures of her, especially when her feathers were outstretched, ” said a neighbor who refused to be named.

The chairman of the Nature Society’s bird group, Mr. Tan Gim Cheong, told ST that peacocks can be aggressive creatures, noting how he knew of incidents where cars were attacked in Sentosa.

“They could attack anything that is flashy or prominent to scare away what they think is invading their territory,” Mr. Tan said.

He advised members of the public who encounter a peacock to observe the behavior of the bird.

“If he’s looking at you and he’s paying a lot of attention to you, he might want to charge, so it’s best to stay away,” he added.


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