Jorts A Cat " I don’t need to be buttered, Pam" He Said To The Owner

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Jorts A Cat Refusing To Be Tutored.

Jorts a cat is trending on Twitter today, It’s all about the cat refusing to be tutored and buttered just Jorts want to be who he is as a real cat. Have love with his soulmate Jean. The owner just posted funny on Reddit and immediately viral on Twitter.

Thanks for responding to my query which truly upset me. I work to have a good relationship with my team and the situation had gotten weird so gradually that I lost perspective.

I just met with HR, she had already met with Pam. HR was concerned about Pam’s comparing ethnic stereotypes with giving a cat a doorstop and they addressed that which went well. HR will follow up to make sure Pam understands. (The replies to my query were helpful to me for this discussion.)

HR also addressed Pam assigning other staff Jorts-related tutoring, as it is not appropriate for Pam to assign others work. This also went well.

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We both think Pam had a hard time with the transition from volunteer to staff and may have “new kid” sensitivity projected onto Jorts. Pam got emotional about her perception that I favor Jean over Jorts and gave specific examples. Some of these things are fair. Jorts deserves respect as a member of our team.

There are 3 buildings in our workplace. Jean and Jorts are limited to one. HR told me there were 5 holdouts about vaccines, and restricting unvaccinated people from entering the building (to protect Jean and Jorts) was enough to win over 4 of them. That’s CRAZY but great.

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