Catnip Benefits For Your Cat Its Really Safe For Cat Health

Are you still use catnip for a cat mood booster? If yes, It never main, Catnip is safe for your cat health.

Your beloved cat may be senior in your home, it tends to be calm, less play and jump as it did when it was a kitten. Now he is calmed down and not much to move.


I found local catnip in the backyard.

Its spend more time with sleep, eat and move just around the room, not too much. If your cat in that condition tries to give Catnip to your cat. Catnip is available like a snack or sprays you can buy in the PetShop near your residence. catnip can make your cats so cheerful, passionate and run around like a kitten. What exactly is Catnip? Why the cat reaction like that?

Well, Catnip is a bushy plant that grows wildly in some areas such as Eurasia and North America. The Catnip (Nepeta Cataria) it’s a Mint plant family.

Not all cats are affected by Catnip, about 20% of cats are not affected by Catnip. It relates to genetics and breed. If one of the parents of a cat is affected by catnip, usually the child will be affected by catnip.

View the domestic cat population becomes more aggressive when given catnip. This usually happens to male pet cats. Well, to find out more about the function catnip.

#Making Cats Fly Feeling

The catnip contains a chemical compound called nepetalactone in the stems and leaves. The compound is responsible to change cats behavior. Usually, the cat will approach the catnip plant with sniff then start licking and chew it.

Cats would scrub the chin, head and body to the catnip and repeatedly. Then the cat shaking his head, meowing and loud purring and rolling the bolsters which is a sign he was happy and felt the fly, feel free and feel like happy.

#Make the cat happy without any side effects

How catnip gets cats high

The Catnip effect in cats is similar to the drug’s effects in humans. But the catnip does not cause addiction in cats. After the catnip effect ends the cat back to normal without side effect.


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