How Long to Quarantine Cat with Ringworm Remedy

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How Long to Quarantine Cat with Ringworm Remedy

Cats ringworm Remedy
Cats ringworm Remedy Image Credit : qmdss

Ringworm is most popular infection in cat especially for kittens. The ringworm remedies that needs to time quarantine and separate both cats with ringworm infection and the health cat. Both cat health and infection must be different shelter when the remedies process until make sure the cat healthy and clear by ringworm.

Quarantine period is about a month or so. Based on experience, the cat when remedies process is need 1-5 weeks healing period if we treat with appropriate medicine and caring that no needs long time on quarantine. So, Depend healing process.

The owner cats must be make sure the cat is really healing and clear from ringworm. The shelter for quarantine have clear and sterile from bacteria that can trigger infection to cat. So, The period time need ringworm remedy for cat is depend on treatment process if caring within right way that no needs to long time but the wrong caring that make more time for.


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