Treat Ringworm In Cats
Treat Ringworm In Cats image credit: maddiesfund

How To Treat Ringworm In Cats By Yourself Without Going To Veterinarian

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Treat Ringworm In Cats By Yourself Without Going To Veterinarian

Cat is most popular pets that many people loves them to make cats part of their family. But, in many case the cats pet even though with full treat and caring by good hand affected by a ringworm that is so worried about.

Treat Ringworm In Cats
Treat Ringworm In Cats
image credit: maddiesfund

What the main things that cause of ringworm can be generated to cat pet? The cause of the ringworm cat it comes from Viruses. It could be transmitted not only to cat but also to human itself. That why we have to carefully to take the problem on serious part. The virus of Ringworm will spread to cat equipment such as cat shelter, eating box, combs, litter box, etc. The ringworm transmitted from fur.

Ringworm on the cats usually need 4 to 6 months for healing process. If cat has a good enough body durability, that also within 6 months needed for the cat could be back and clean by ringworm problem.

Here is how to treatment to solving ringworm problem on your cat. Home remedies the cat to get rid ringworm from cat that could be better easy way by yourself without go to vet.

Quarantine Your Cat

Cat with ringworm infection must be to separate the cat from the other cats by quarantining. You have been providing the shelter for it. So, the ringworm wouldn’t spread to other cats. Then replace all the equipment that used with such as beds, eater box, towels and others. The quarantine times usually needs period about 1 week to a months until the cath heal enough from ringworm infection.

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Giving Vitamins Supplement

To grow body durability, you need to give cat vitamins. By body’s endurance, the cat will be spared from some diseases such as ringworm. The vitamins you cat get by natural such as fish oil that contain with Omega 3. Omega 3 are an excellent source of the important omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA that good for complex to support overall health. There are many supplements product for your pet. You can find at amazon chosen the product based on customer reviews and product contain that you needed for your cat.

Cleaning the Shelter

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean hair and flakes cat’s skin. Put the shelter in dry with enough ventilation and light. Give the shelter with a disinfectant to turn off germs or anti ringworm so that there is no host to grow back.

Cleaning Cat Equipment

All equipment used for cat has been contaminated with ringworm. Therefore. It should be cleaning thoroughly by soaking it with disinfectant.

Make a Room with Moist less temperature

To check room temperature, you can use a hygrometer. The temperature good for get rid the ringworm and cannot grow range 40% to 50%. Use AC and dehumidifier will help to control a temperature.

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Shaving Cat

Grooming a cat in ringworm affected area. The fur that grow in the affected by ringworm already delicate so that easily to shaving. But if there the infection in the skin. That could be grooming entire the cat’s body for make it easier to treatment process.

Bathing and drying

Bathing a cat can be stop seedlings ringworm growing. After bathing make sure the cat is dry because the wet fur can make the ringworm grow trigger. To make sure the cat is dry enough. You can be drying the cat for 15 minutes after bathing to drying.

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Using Herbs

The treatment cats with ringworm by naturally resources. Herbal liquid usually contains natural ingredients such as lemon, ginger, betel leaves, vinegar, citronella, and salt. Can also use pure coconut oil for the cat because it is safer for cat to avoid side effect by drugs.

Using Shampoo for Ringworm

Special shampoos that are used are usually already contain sulfur and iodine are partial povidone eliminated the ringworm Trichophyton and Microsporum type of ringworm that triggers a virus on the cat. Also, you can use a shampoo containing with ketoconazole 2% a fairly used 3 days or 4 days.

But usually shampoo containing with ketoconazole is usually make a cat very aggressive when bathing. So, should be carefully and need extra energy for that.

Use the Treatment Powder or Cream

It is for treating the ringworm from skin surface. By smearing the cream or powder in part of the cat skin the ringworm infection. But the cat has a habit by licking his body using the collar so that the cat cannot licking itself.

Using VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) also affective to treatment ringworm cat. VCO is very safe for cats because it can prevent the cat fur loss.

Use Sulfur

Use of sulfur with a concentration of 0.5 – 5%. Using sulfur there like using shampoo wet it body then be carefully not to touch cat eyes with. If the cat won’t to bathing use spray that already contains sulfur. The sulfur you can get in pet shop.

treatment using sulfur usually needs 2 to 4 times the ringworm on the cat skin disappears. Using sulfur has negative effects for cat. Usually cat appetite will decrease due to the strong smell by sulfur. So, we must carefully to food that feeding to cat.

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Give Ketoconazole

If using shampoo is hard enough. You could suggest ketoconazole that a quick way to treating cat ringworm. Give Ketoconazole by mixing into the cat foods that will be maximize the absorption the medicine into the foods.

Although the drug is believed to be very powerful to eliminate ringworm, the drugs have side effects such as nausea, vomiting and appetite decreased. But this was only for a moment.

Give Itraconazole

Give the drugs itraconazole for 3-4 days once by mixing the drug into cat diets. The drugs also side effects like appetite decreased and nausea. So, never give the drugs to pregnant cat.

Give Fluconazole

Fluconazole is drinking liquid drugs. To give fluconazole should be gradual. The first, give every day. Second, provide every two days and. The third, give once a week make sure the ringworm was gone from cat.

A side effect the drug is quite horrible, that can cause liver disorders on the cat. So, it should be carefully and never give it to pregnant cat.

Give Oral Drugs

The treatment method by injecting the drug into body through the mouth cat. You must be consultant to vets for drugs doses.

That the guide to treatment cat by ringworm. Hopefully, the article may be useful and could help you all. If the condition the cats does not recover quickly. Contact veterinarians immediately to get a more intensive care. The Environment healthy and clean enough that make your cats will healthy too.

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