YouTuber Liam Thompson Build An Elevator To His Cat Who Strive With Stairs

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“Are You ready to go down without having to move like a workout? I hope so because it took four days.”

Sometimes our pets have a little problem with the stairs, and Liam Thompson a YouTuber With 1.86M Subscribers on his Youtube channel takes himself by the hand to help make lift the cat itself.

The creator of Auckland has made a big name on the platform for the creation of DIY-her, including a robot butler, a cat toy, a secret door, the water is 150 feet on a dune, and the avalanche of casual in the yard behind him. But the video showcases is stunning, including the video Viralnya teaches Max how to play Minecraft.

Youtuber build elevator for his cat
Youtuber build an elevator for his cat


This time, he found a ride to help her cat, Frodo aged 20 years and liked sitting in a pool of sun each day. Although the aviation giant of the stairs, he had little difficulty decreasing. Thompson makes the lift himself a little to Frodo, based on the roller coaster of the page behind him (but very slow), and uses electric tools among other ingredients.

“Are You ready to go down without having to move a muscle ?”Thompson asked Frodo. “I hope so because it took four days .”

It is, without a doubt, the best invention I’ve seen this week.

Watch the cat video:

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