Fishing Got Strikes Just 2 Minutes Caught Big Snake Head Fish

The snakehead fish guard their babies and Egret bird flock.

The snakehead fish is the freshwater and mudfish you can find in South Asia like Malaysia, Burma, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, and Thailand.

snakehead fish
snakehead fish
snakehead fish

Recently predator fish was spilled in the US first the fish lover took them as a pet but now they survive in the wild in the US.

The snakehead fish is a firm fish that can live for days out of the water and can walk and cross the land to find another water area.

snakehead fish
snakehead fish

So, they are also more strong than bass fish and more dangerous for native fish in the US because they are the strong predator where that can survive in extreme weather.

Fishing I Got Strikes Just 2 Minutes Caught Big Snake Head Fish

Today I go fishing with my old friend at a dry lake at the side of my village there was a lot of fish like snakehead fish and more fish, fortunately, we got strikes big snakehead fish. I use a Frog strike to lure fish.
The snakehead fish is a very aggressive typically predator fish whether it is hungry or not.
If they see anything move in the water they respect to catch it as food like frogs and little fish can be their food. Snakehead fish in my village can be found in the land field or water mud kind.
The Snakehead fish our people believe fish can use for health for many kids of the disease can be cured by that fish as diabetes, rheumatism, etc.
Since a long time ago people have used that fish for healing themselves before they knew modern medicine.


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