Bird Build Nest Part 17 May You Should Know It Took Cow Dung Insight for Heater Nature System

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As usual, as always I do still watch birds build a nest on the side my home today’s the male bird may found his girlfriend I saw He trigger to build a nest. The design still same but that put cow dung insight. Now in my country, until a view day is rainwater drop cool and the bird needs heater room to have a nature heater room cow dung is solutions with the finding of the bird’s instincts.
The cow dung took it not far away from his nest just around ten through twenty meters it all on the land field. Besides on his nest, many nests were breeding I hearing a voice from baby birds. May not take a long time they stay there just around two or three months.

I think they be there just waiting for food on the land field that was one of part land planting paddy that can be their food too if the farmer didn’t control it. But if the farmer takes high watching and control may be caused by the bird’s lack of food and that can be threatening of birds baby lives.
The good news that birds not only beans of their food but also insects like locust or grasshoppers can be food that may too much protein and they be balancing it with combine with beans.

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