Best Two Males Cat Fighting Outdoor Video To Protect Their Territory

Cat family has a strong king.

The cat family has a strong kingdom and has one ruler king in each territory. Like a big cat lion or tiger, The king must defend his territory and should even fight to the death against newcomers who want to seize his power and territory. At this moment we share about catfighting outdoor video.

Similarly, domestic cats also have the same character which is to keep the area and the females safe in their territory so as not to be mated by another male. can also be more solitary. Cat territorial behavior in cats usually involves urine marking (spraying), hissing, stalking, or attacking another cat.

male cats fighting

Usually, they fight until wounds. The habit of male catfights outdoors is shown in the video below:

Best fighting cats video

They were seen fighting earnestly until his face was injured with the opponent’s claw to defend his territory. They would not allow another male cat to enter his territory to mating his female.

Most domestic cats go around their area to sign with urinated new things that are purposed to make signs for other males to not enter their territory. So, If they meet with another male they will be fighting until one of them surrenders or death.

The male cat will fight everywhere if meet a rival so many video cats fight indoors. If they fight indoors many wounds potentially happen. So, If you have seen a catfight better separate them before worse things happen to them. as we know cat scratch danger for both that can trigger wounds and infection for them. so, be kind.

Cat sign their territorial with:

Cat size of territory : 0.07 – 0.28 km²
1. Scratching (leaving visual as well as a scent marks)
2. Spraying
3. Urine or feces deposits
4. Rubbing


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