Animals Showed Us How To Take Selfies For The Right Way

Animals Showed Us How To Take Selfies For The Right Way

Taking selfies is an art that many of us are already familiar with. The word selfie itself has been around for quite some time and many celebrities have shown us ways through their social media that can be creative with it, sometimes.

We don’t even mind sneaking a selfie or two of an unforgettable moment, or when we look great, or just a simple selfie of this is my face. What is even more shocking is that Kim Kardashian has gone too far with her selfies and has published a book that consisted of the most amazing selfies that have ever existed.

But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to tell you that someone might have joined up and is doing well. Yes! It’s the Animal Kingdom. Below are some amazing shots that will show you how exciting animal selfies can be. A real delight to behold.

A real delight to behold. Not only domestic cats and dogs, who have the privilege of cameras, are good at it. But also wild animals are second to none. Allan Dixon, who calls himself ‘The Animal Whisperer’, has shared his secret to capturing the perfect selfies with perfect timing that is earning their trust first. Although Dixon carries out a well-thought-out plan, some selfies… or should we say that animals, they are effortless.


Just one with ma dawgs…

When you accidentally turn on the front camera…

We’re sorry but did the two dogs in the background photobombed his selfie?

Only if our tongue out selfie game was THIS strong

His first attempt at taking a selfie

His first attempt at taking a selfie

Come on now pose for the camera camel’.

‘Games over’ selfie!

The perfect moment captured with the Hollywood sign


Same expressions!!

But first, Let me take an Hors-ie, Geddit?

‘Smile for the camera now, Will you?’

Did the guy want a selfie with the kangaroo?

Another picture-perfect quokka moment.


This dog must’ve realized it’s Friday night

This horse looks like he’s lovin’ it.

All about that Gangsta life

Did someone say Met Gala 2022?

This is how the pups gon remember their first family picture

Pretty much sums up our ‘Realizing its Monday’ selfie for this cat!

Looks like somebody has upped their selfie game

Yes! These animals are SOMETHING, we tell them. Being able to sneak a selfie in the most unexpected moments is not something that we have mastered like them. Looks like we got some competition here. Anyway, we are very happy that you have stayed. We hope you had as much fun as we did… maybe a little more than that. Let us know which selfie takes the trophy home tonight in the comments section below.

Sources: bbctop24


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