Wagtail Birds Should You Know It Amazing Never Stop Dancing Bird

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Wagtail Birds Should You Know It Amazing

Thanks for coming today I share to you about the amazing bird I called it’s Wagtail Birds. Actually. I found it around my home when I walk around and a view meters on my backyard over there that is the river.
I lucky meet that bird. The bird I saw can’t stop to move tail like dancing when it’s walking the tail move up and down very fast. When it just stand. It’s tail change move right and left it was wonderful.
The Wagtail species of birds fly eater birds and usually live in river line different between Kingfisher birds. The wagtail just looking insects that live on edge of river or water insects like little flies and other.
Wagtail colours are combine between yellow, black in neck and white but the yellow little bit blur.

Check in my video here:

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