Manx Cat Quick Information

manx cat quick information
Manx cat-quick information

Manx Cat Quick Information and Description

Manx Cat Quick Information/Description
Weight range Male: 8-12 lbs.
Female: 8-12 lbs.
Eye color Amber, Copper, Green, Gold, Hazel, Orange, Yellow
Coat Length: Short, Long
Lifespan/Life Expectations 9-13 years
Social/Attention Needs Moderate
Sheeding Moderate
Characteristics Straight
Colors White, Blue, Black, Red, Cream, Silver, Tortoiseshell, Blue-cream, Brown
Pattern: Solid color, Tortoiseshell, Bi-color, Tricolor/Calico, Tabby, Ticking, Cloudy, Shaded
Hyper-allergenic No
Overall Grooming Needs Moderate, High
Cat Association Recognition CFA, ACFA , FIFe, TICA
Prevalence Rare


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