How To Train Your Swallow Birds From Wild to Docile Bird

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Thanks for coming to my blog, on time I want to discuss train wild animal that particularly rare hobby. You may ever hear who people, as Indian people train wolves for hunting or Mongolian people. In this post, I just share the experience about How To Train Your Swallow Birds From Wild to Docile Bird.

Train the golden eagle for hunting deer or coyotes or you also ever watching animation film like “how to train your dragon”.

That film just imagines how wild and dangerous things can be friendly if we did some treatment well for its comfort. The point is to training something not even animals. For human need the comfortable thing.

That actually not like that most wild animals can brutally kill big prey like a cheetah or golden eagle. The swallow birds are cute birds and most beautiful to watch when they flying in the sky.

Swallow is the icon of fast or welfare for the Asian people like Indonesian culture, over there if the swallow build nest at their house they believe the birds can bring some lucky or fortune to the house owner.

swallow bird
Swallow Bird
Image Credit: woven in light

The Swallow bird not only for bringing luck for people who build the nest in their home but also the rare thing I ever was seen is who can train swallow for being it a pet? That very interested for me when I found the video on Youtube that actually the Indonesian teen try to train his swallow bird.

# Training Bird on my hand

The swallow bird is the little insect’s predator birds they fly for hours and catch prey as flying, little butterfly, dragonfly, and many other flying insects on air. The swallow can maneuver very fast and can stand to fly in the air with flexible wings.

As train predator birds the swallow be able to train by falconry technique as many animals, they just want to eat with most they loving food if you have the best things for feeding them easy to make it come to docile for you.

First, you should come friendly-looking and slowly move to withhold the feed on your hand they actually come to you. The second you must be trusted to it and release it to fly without anything make it uncomfortable thinks.

Just build trust in each other for the best result for your be-loving pet.

# How To Catch Swallow

I do not suggest you catch and harm animals around you but if you care about them I just told you about how the technique actually works for the good result of the swallow to be your pets.

As we know, the swallow birds if you catch them when it already teen or adult that may it no want to eat and that potential to death. The best one when you want to take them for your pet that true decision is the baby swallow is better because when it was baby they looking on your as it parent or like that when you give it to feed.

But, If you were not serious about feeding them well that very dangerous and make them in danger. you can kill it easy when you forget to feed one time.

If you wanna a pet you must take care seriously to feed and love them more than you. That makes sense the birds like a baby they can’t find out food by themselves. They do not have plumage, can’t fly, and very weak, just waiting for food from the parent with just an open mouth and swallow whatever drop in its mouth.

# Swallow Birds Instinct

Talk about instinct animal is easy when it’s hungry they find food and if they got food and full, they take a rest and when night comes they sleep as well. They wake up and sleep routine every day if no one is disturbing them.

Just like that animal pure. The swallow bird also the same as other animals particularly on their instinct behavior that follows the family on rule entire their lives.

The swallow birds are insect-eaten and fly for hours to catch prey on air and drinking water on the river with maneuver and back to the sky.

Catch small fly insect on air when full they sometimes still flying in the air like swift for hours and back to the nest.

The swallows’ birds usually flying in the early evening when insects flying out on their nest. The swallow builds a nest with mud materials and little feathers for comfortable in laying eggs.

One season breeding the swallow has two to three eggs. The baby grows around 3 weeks for being a juvenile swallow.

# For Fun Purpose

Watching this video that guy train swallows bird.

The train swallows not for making them on danger but that showing how we can take and life beside animals and make them be a friend they can become to our pets like dogs or cats.

Take care of them carefully and control the food as they live normally in wild. If you think not to have times to care for birds better you release them on habitat or give them to animal conservation for preparing them before releasing them on habitat.

As we know the wild animal when adopted by the human they less any skill because we give them easy food without they find by itself.

Currently, people make swallow as cattle the swallow bird can be a profitable thing if maintenance properly. Swallow bird chick should know to treatment before making a decision to taking care of them.

To keep a swallow bird a lot of things you should consider the same thing with other bird care. An important thing to maintaining a swallow bird there is no obstacle. If you know the character of the swallow that you handling. Therefore, an owner should know their behavior before taking care of them.

If you want to make swallow birds as a pet or want to raise taking care of them here are some guides should you know before making the decision to keep them.

# Swallow bird character

In the wild swallow birds generally seek food with the group their foods are small insects and flies. Swallow bird is usually looking for food at the beach, bush, brackish area, land field and so on but a swallow bird crowd usual often visited more inland field there are many flies and insects.

# How to raise the swallow chick

Caring for chicks’ swallow bird began when they hatch after the eggs hatch the chick’s condition should be monitor to make sure hatching success for all eggs. Swallow chick doesn’t have to be directly handled by us but their parent can be kept. You should watch so that chicks can grow well.

If there are chicks that fall out from the nest you should immediately give them back in the nest also make sure there are no predators such as geckos, cats, mice, and so on.

# Food for swallow bird chicks

To caring swallow bird chicks better by letting its parent to feeding the chick by itself. If we feeding chicks with our hand in a nest will disturb the mother swallow bird activities even their mother could have escaped from the nest.

The food from us is not assured nutritional swallow bird needs. Whereas feed given by their parent is more varied and healthier than of humans made their parent seek food there is contain with antibody for swallow chicks.

Mother swallow will continue to keep chicks to warm up to 7 days old then chicks will be rotating feeding system by the male and female parent until 7 days old.

Each hour swallow chick feeding by a parent then at the age of more than 7 days the parent will feed them 3 times per day in the morning, noon and afternoon.

The growth and health of the chick based on nutrition in the rainy season is abundant food in the wild so that good for swallow chick grow up. However, that food supply to be available continue we recommend that you planting to producing insects such as plant such as apple, mango or other plants.

As wild birds and aggressive the swallow bird needs a comfortable situation and a little bit calm for their feels safe. We recommend that you don’t disturbing sounds. The slightest sound can make the swallow bird stunned to leave its nest.

# I Love Animals

In the end, I wanna say let’s save animal and love them lives free is the better thing than we care them because the animal has the skill to survive in their environment and have the skill to protect themself to lives with nature competitors.

# Swallow bird hunting insects after rain on the beach

Thanks for reading this post How To Train Your Swallow Birds From Wild to Docile Bird. I love to discuss this topic with you and leave the comment below.


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