Finding Local Catnip In The Backyard Than Giving For Cat

Cat lovers have been familiar with catnip. The Eurasia Bush plant is a mint plant that can attract the cat’s attention. The effect is causing happiness to the cat. As the owner, we also love to see the cute cats cheerful with this plant. However, not all cats are catnip-affected. Males are more likely to feel the catnip scent than females.

catnip effect
catnip effect

The Natural substances named Nepetalactone contained therein can change the cat’s behavior. It lasts 10-30 minutes and has no side effects. Even smelling or even eaten, catnip has such a sedative efficacy that makes the cat sleep.

Watch this catnip video:

When the cat is met with catnip, Its behavior will look like sniffing and spinning around it. They will lick and chew the catnip, then snore and meow. The effect is just like drunks. However, it is ensured that the plant with the Latin name Nepeta Cataria is safe for the cat. But, you need to note the catnip dosage for your cat. The possible catnip effect is diarrhea or vomiting if consume too much of this plant.

You need to adjust the catnip dose for your cat. Consult a veterinarian if you are not sure how many catnips can be given to avoid side effects. This plant doesn’t make the cat addictive, it can even make it immune because it is very often with catnip.



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