Amazing Woodpecker Birds May You Should Know!

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Amazing Woodpecker Birds May You Should Know!

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I just share with you about Amazing Woodpecker Birds May You Should Know. The bird I call it Woodpecker Birds because it birds usual peck of wood to looking food or build a nest. Its beak looks very strong kind that birds can peck hard of the tree.

In my country that bird too much until 1990 but now they reduce the population I don’t know what happen may too many people hunting them for sale or environment not suite for them caused too many people build a home in their habit.

Many species woodpecker around the world one of them very crazy instincts is zombie woodpecker they eat other baby bird-like just suck brain. Those very crazy things in my country I never found that species woodpecker. On my country woodpecker birds, usual species like on my video below with yellow head and red-headed.

On my video, I not only added woodpecker birds also other birds on that video when that bird takes Bath on river edge.
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